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  1. New: Reactions

  2. +1 A lot of a users paste text with some background and ignore the option to remove it, so by default be plain text allowing restore formatting would be great.
  3. 4.0 - Simplification of deletion and approval process

    Well, then would not be possible bring back the trash can?
  4. 4.0 - Simplification of deletion and approval process

    Ok :( Just making my feedback, the feature that will be removed is a differential of IP.Board in relation to other bulletins systems and still think very necessary as administrators also commit mistakes when deleting things, beside which is present several years (since the trash can ). This feature has prevented that good content was deleted by beginners moderators in my forum who mingled with the tools. Hide in-line is not the same thing.
  5. 4.0 - Simplification of deletion and approval process

    Hi Brandon, I understand that these changes are to reduce the redundancy of current ways of deleting. I usually do not delete anything from the database of my forum so I have disabled until the task that removes the contents of ModCp after "x" days. Would not be possible to the upgrader convert current deleted posts (now in mod cp) in hidden posts?
  6. BBCode Member

    No answer? Maybe something that uses the "option" and "content" at the same time. Ex: User writes: IPS News IP.Board convert to: IPS News61416
  7. BBCode Member

    The member BBcode works very well so far, but becomes invalid when a user change their display name. IPS could do something about it to IPS Suite 4.0?
  8. (DP34) iHost

    DawPi, images are not properly listed in IPB 3.4.3, confirm?
  9. Editor Feedback

    Not sure if it is the right place to ask this, but hover in bbcode "member" was removed in 3.4.2?
  10. (DP34) iHost

    For example: Original image: thumb: small image: If I disable the thumbnails, small images in the preview are also disabled.
  11. (DP34) iHost

    This app is very good :) It is possible to disable the thumbnails without disabling the display of small images?
  12. [IF] IPB Shoutbox

    Pete, the tab of shoutbox on member profile in my forum does not work. Returns an error maximum execution time exceeded 30 seconds.
  13. What I can suggest is that the Time zone of the profiles of members who signed up through Facebook / Twitter is always the default of forum. I note that my forum in the Time zone for users who register for this being that always of London. PS: Sorry my bad english.
  14. Members Online Today

    Michael, this work on 3.3.x?
  15. Download: Shoutbox

    Michael, It is no longer possible to set the refresh rate with a smaller number than 30? I always used 9 and never had problems :(