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  1. When is IPB 4.0 ?

    I migrated my last active vb site to Xenforo a few months ago. Now considering what to do with my IPB site. The IPB Forum isn't doing well, because of my lack of focus on it. However, I had thought that by now 4.0 would be closer to a reality. My users actually liked IPB 3.x more than Xenforo, but their engagement/activity trends revealed the opposite. I've since come up with a way to reduce the initial delay on IPB3, that was the primary contributor to going with Xenforo; just wish that there was some indication if my custom process is still going to be necessary with IPB 4. I'm all for good software, but throw us a bone :unsure:
  2. Invision Going Downhill

    What can I say, I like my forums but still want time to play with my toys :smile:
  3. Invision Going Downhill

    IPB is a different animal compared to other community platforms, but believe they have been very supportive. My problem has been finding the right strategy for user adoption of IPB. I run a infrastructure design/config derived from years of paranoid thinking :ph34r: It is restrictive enough that both IPB and myself have been delayed on trouble resolution to a few past tickets. It's a challenge sometimes, but allows me to concentrate on my normal life. You have to plan for the unexpected and test the recovery strategy. I've lost several of my sites many times over, meaning they were unrecoverable due to either infrastructure failure or security breach, but the end-user impact has been no more than possibly a few hours worth of missing posts. When a unrecoverable event occurs, I note what is possible, bring the site (or server) back from a backup, and address what I found afterward. I'm planning to put up a few of my strategies on my blog soon, but are all simple to implement.
  4. This website is offline

    Cloudflare is one of my trusted partners, but agree that the migration can be a bit rocky. It is good that IPB is taking steps to embrace the technology, security issues such as this are a reality in the world todya.
  5. vBulletin 3.5.4 to IPB 3.2

    This isn't meant to be a criticism, but if you're concerned about "broken" content on an upgrade to 3.8; then it is a likely concern with IPB. I've never converted a vb3 site to IPB, but have been using it enough to realize that the two systems are not as similar as one would initially realize. My vb3 site uses cmps in a way that can't easily be converted to IPB and function exactly the same way, but it is still possible to do with some planning if an immediate need arose. You might consider making a list of the issues you are aware of and sharing them with IPB Pre-Sales. They may be able to offer a solution.
  6. IP.SEO - Remove whitespace

    I agree that it can add to the server's load, but would like to see this feature provided as an option. vbSEO's version not only takes out the unnecessary whitespace, but removes unnecessary comments (and inserts a few when strategically beneficial).
  7. Auto create auto tags

    There is an auto-tag plugin I use on my R3Owners.Net vbulletin site that automatically creates a few tags based on the forum topic (unless the user adds them manually). The problem with riders (at least on my sites) is that they find tags useful and click on them, but they don't like taking the time to add them. It may not be the perfect tag cloud, but it's not bad for a set of info that has been auto-generated: http://www.r3owners.net/tags/
  8. 3.2 Square Edges.....

    I don't agree that rounded corners, done only in CSS, will cause browser issues. However, I prefer to leave them out. Edgy looks better :cool:
  9. I was logged into the chatroom for a bit, but it didn't show a quantity in the navigation. Is this intended?
  10. Vbulletin or IP.Board

    Regarding IP.Content, my initial attempt at using it was futile. When the latest update came out, I submitted a support ticket and worked with them over a few days. I was advised to uninstall and reinstall IP.Content. After some tinkering it does exactly what I want, and any user can submit new articles just like they were forum posts. If I need a completely separate page, it's not a big deal to do and I'll handle those on my own if the need ever arises. I think the original approach of encouraging customers to learn the flexibility was too much take in. Now that I understand the basic Articles features, and have done a few customizations around it, creating custom/separate pages isn't complicated. Hope this helps,
  11. Vbulletin or IP.Board

    I'm still using vb3.8 with vbSEO on some sites, never have used my vb4 license. vbSEO is the one strong benefit of a vb-based forum. Other than that, IPB is hard to beat. I'm using only IP.Gallery and IP.Content with IP.Board, and as previously pointed out the integration is much tighter than anything I've worked with. One of my vb sites would benefit from the automated mobile-detection features of IPB Products. That being said, my busiest vb site wouldn't appreciate a move to IPB unless I showed some immediate improvements AND maintained the existing look/feel. It's possible to do, but there isn't yet a motivating factor to make the change. Users on that site are happy with vb and PhotoPost. Hope this helps.
  12. Is there a way to require Display Names?

    I had another Facebook login problem this evening, and came across the 3.1.1 patch in my searching. Just applied it, removed the user's profile, and asked them to try again. The folks using this new site are Moderators and Forum Leads on my other sites, working through system issues on a new site isn't new to them. We'll see what happens when they try again.
  13. Is there a way to require Display Names?

    That makes sense. I wish there was a way that some sort of Display Name would be facilitated in the event that the user leaves and doesn't enter one. When the respective user left, there was no display name or username at all - which looked wrong on the memberlist. He did upload an avatar, and when you clicked on it and went to the profile page instead of seeing a normal display name you saw just an apostrophe+s. I learned that the problem was linked to using an iPad. The respective user was traveling and attempting to view/register with an iPad. It was his very first visit to the new site. He thought that the registration "didn't take", and was able to better orientate himself once he got to a normal PC. Are there any known issues with iPads and the IPB Registration Process?
  14. Is there a way to require Display Names?

    I'm thinking that the cause is linked to using Facebook/twitter and one of my settings; but am still investigating.
  15. One of my new members managed to register without choosing a display name; and is currently displaying no name at all. How do I require display names?