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  1. When is IPB 4.0 ?

    I migrated my last active vb site to Xenforo a few months ago. Now considering what to do with my IPB site. The IPB Forum isn't doing well, because of my lack of focus on it. However, I had thought that by now 4.0 would be closer to a reality. My users actually liked IPB 3.x more than Xenforo, but their engagement/activity trends revealed the opposite. I've since come up with a way to reduce the initial delay on IPB3, that was the primary contributor to going with Xenforo; just wish that there was some indication if my custom process is still going to be necessary with IPB 4. I'm all for good software, but throw us a bone :unsure:
  2. Haxon

    Is it possible to show a screenshot of the admincp options available?
  3. Simples

    Does this skin work with IP.Board 3.4.4 ?
  4. Invision Going Downhill

    What can I say, I like my forums but still want time to play with my toys :smile:
  5. Invision Going Downhill

    IPB is a different animal compared to other community platforms, but believe they have been very supportive. My problem has been finding the right strategy for user adoption of IPB. I run a infrastructure design/config derived from years of paranoid thinking :ph34r: It is restrictive enough that both IPB and myself have been delayed on trouble resolution to a few past tickets. It's a challenge sometimes, but allows me to concentrate on my normal life. You have to plan for the unexpected and test the recovery strategy. I've lost several of my sites many times over, meaning they were unrecoverable due to either infrastructure failure or security breach, but the end-user impact has been no more than possibly a few hours worth of missing posts. When a unrecoverable event occurs, I note what is possible, bring the site (or server) back from a backup, and address what I found afterward. I'm planning to put up a few of my strategies on my blog soon, but are all simple to implement.
  6. This website is offline

    Cloudflare is one of my trusted partners, but agree that the migration can be a bit rocky. It is good that IPB is taking steps to embrace the technology, security issues such as this are a reality in the world todya.
  7. Glare by IPS Themes

    This skin doesn't appear to have customizations for Gallery, but nonetheless there is something that is causing the thumbnails on the home page to show extra spacing on the right side of thumbnail images on most Gallery pages.
  8. Simplify by IPS Themes

    I reverted the gallery style sheet, and it looks much better. There may be some tidbits you would change in the next version, but it's good enough for now.
  9. Simplify by IPS Themes

    When do you plan to update this skin (and others) to support Gallery 5.0 ?
  10. Maxx 2012: The Most Advanced Skin.

    I'm interested in this skin, but wasn't sure if I could purchase yet.
  11. [3.4] ZuZuSkin - Easy to change

    Regarding the custom CSS issue, have you considered just writing the dynamic css variables to a custom css sheet and just adding it to the template as another externally-linked css? Getting rid of the added CSS in my site would be worth an upgrade. Thanks Again,
  12. [3.4] ZuZuSkin - Easy to change

    Thanks for this! I also removed something similar to get the background out of the latest gallery comments.
  13. [3.4] ZuZuSkin - Easy to change

    I updated three Gallery Templates to obtain the proper look on all three sideblocks. I noticed that they have a white background in their content. Do know what I could edit in the Gallery templates to remove the white background? Regarding the CSS-embed issue, I'm willing to try a manual solution but can wait if you have an idea. Thanks,
  14. [3.4] ZuZuSkin - Easy to change

    Two requests: Thanks for all you do, [*]Can something be done so that IP.Gallery sidebars show the same colors that are shown on the BoardIndex and IP.Content? When I change them IP.Gallery doesn't update. It's likely because IP.Gallery uses a different css style on it's sidebar blocks. [*]Is there a way to move the embedded CSS to an external file. I'm assuming that it is embedded so that it will work with the skin settings in the admincp, but it would be nice if it could be changed somehow once the desired look was achieved.
  15. Tags Autocomplete

    Does this app automatically insert tags?