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  1. FYI - works fine with current version of 4.5.x This does not work, by the way. -- EDIT: Never mind, it *does* work, but there are several 'anon_poster_hash', be sure to hit them all.
  2. Will you be updating this for 4.5?
  3. Is there a new version pending that isn't there yet?



  4. THANK YOU FOR YOUR PLUGIN! Works great, when it does, but obviously some sites won't support it. Thus, articles in Newsweek.com do not generate a preview (like this one https://www.newsweek.com/ca-sees-record-increase-new-covid-19-cases-more-20000-5-days-1512421 ). I'm just reporting this here so you know, and maybe something can be done to improve this. I'm very happy with the plugin and what it does.
  5. ... and, I would like to add, this is awesome! It only took me 2 seconds to decided to purchase this. Worth every penny!
  6. 10 years later, and here we are - NOTHING. it’s pretty obvious that Invision developers and product managers, simply said, just don’t care about providing an effective and functional ignore function. This is most likely the case because none of them run their own forums, and thus (as usual) don’t actually have any clue as to what functionality is useful for a forum. There is a plug-in from Adriano Faria (thank you @Adriano Faria), “Disallow Ignored Members From Replying in My Topics” which does a great job allowing forum members to keep their threads clean of members they ignore - though the ignored members still see the topic, they can not reply or post in it. This is a great start. I guess the only way to get a proper reciprocal ignore feature is to commission a developer to create it - I’ve asked around, and quoted prices range anywhere from a couple of $100 to nearly $1,500. Might be worth it, seeing as how this will never happen from Invision.
    Installing the 4.0.7 upgrade has messed up all my stylesheets and JS on the front page (where the chat is visible) - so the JS 'fixes' seem to have achieved the opposite. Any solution? Also, if on its own page, formatting is also messed up. Edit: This note being placed at the end of the reviews, where no one can see it, and the author apparently not replying, makes me seriously reconsider spending the $30 on the '+' version of this app, which I was considering as an upgrade. Anything? Anyone? Suddenly there also appear to be no more means to leave a new comment???
  7. It actually doesn't - in the case of my forum's theme, it does work in the editor. It makes the emoji larger within the editor, but once posted, the emojis shows in the regular size. So, we're missing something in this CSS. I'm using this one: .ipsEmoji:not(:only-child) { font-size:48px; } This may be related to the theme.
  8. Somehow, either of these doesn't do anything, once added to the theme's custom.css file. Anything else I should do?
  9. Bummer. Doesn’t the emoji identify itself differently than text?
  10. Except - this makes ALL emoji larger -- even those that are inline on the same line (which, in my example, should have remained untouched). Any extension to that custom CSS to make that distinction?
  11. It would be convenient to have a function (or, even a plugin/extension) that relies emojis, if they are on a line of their own, to a definable size. emojis are generally pretty small, which works fine if they are inline - but on a line of their own, they look better when enlarged. Most of the messaging apps do that nowadays. It's cool like this --> 🙂 But by itself, looks better like this: 🙂
  12. When I do go to : https://chat.mywebserver.com/_oauth/mywebserver it does spit back a nice message of "Login completed. Click here to close this window.", which I guess is a positive indication that things ARE somewhat working the proper way... Where could I find the logs of rocket.chat? I feel that I am incredibly close to making this work (thanks, in large part, with your help. THANK YOU!) Found the logs 🙂 There's a whole lot of gobble-dee-gook about 'handshake failure'. I PM'd you the actual log entires, since it contains some information specific to my server, but maybe you see something that stands out?
  13. Made a little bit of progress - I figured out that I mistyped the actual URL of the oath location. Whoops. Before, it stated that 'this page does not exist'. After I corrected that, it properly gives me the button login option via the forum - but when I click that, it sits there thinking for 2-3 seconds, clears the screen, and then drops right back to the same login window. Grrr... Two steps forward, one step back.
  14. Also, if I attempt to login using IPB account credentials, that's not working for me either.
  15. I've pretty much followed these instructions, but the 'USERS ONLINE' widget doesn't show any of the users in the Rocket.Chat. Any suggestions? This is with using the IPB OAuth API.
    The only reason for the low rating is that the author continues to not fix the error of the app claiming an update is available, when there isn't; Also, when clicking on the 'update available' link, it goes to a generic 'mysite.com' style URL, ir not this URL and proper location. This is still not updated - so if an alternative to this plugin exists, from a more attentive author, I'd consider switching. - Where is this version 2.0??? - it points to a generic URL on the 'UPDATE AVAILABLE' link/button.
  16. 6 years later, and where are we at with this feature from IPS?
  17. I have the same issue, and upon going to /admin/upgrade/ it says 'there are no applications to upgrade' and gives the button "EXIT UPGRADER". Upon clicking that button, it takes me to the "UPDATE IN PROGRESS" screen (with the option of "TRY AGAIN"), but am unable to recover my site. Help?!
  18. So, does that mean, that, yes, it can be done with your app - or no, and I should create it myself?
  19. Can this be used to create side-by-side horizontal banners - like, two banners next to each other?
  20. Good, saves me from having to block you, myself. Couldn't care less if you block me - in fact, thank you, now maybe you won't chime in with your words of wisdom. Gee, if only we had a reciprocal ignore function, eh?
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