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  1. No one bothers to type in a version number so every file has a ton of "1.0.0" revisions. It would be better to just display "Revision 1, Revision 2, Revision 3..." etc.
  2. I am moving our screenshots and uploads over to Amazon S3 and it's working perfectly. This drastically reduces the size of our website backups and makes it much easier to maintain our site. We no longer have to worry about gigs and gigs of extra files saved in every single site backup we download.
  3. I agree with your more detailed request, I just didn't want to take the time to explain it out like you did.
  4. When a card is already stored, it should be selected by default when a new purchase is made. Its less confusing, and fewer clicks = more purchases. Instead, neither option is selected by default and it is rather confusing.
  5. Sign in through Steam - IPB4

    Excellent! I added a permissions check to file downloads to check if the user has purchased an App, DLC, or Workshop/inventory item here:
  6. Only allow $_.99 Paid Downloads Prices

    We don't have VAT in the U.S. and no sales taxes for online purchases, so nobody cares about that.
  7. It would be better if the user could only enter 0.99, 1.99, 4.99, 19.99 etc, or only choose from a list of preset prices. For some reason people love to get unique and start charging strange amounts.
  8. Custom Embed Templates

    Agreed. I would like to add an embed code to display Steam items from a link using the Steam web API:
  9. It would be extremely useful if we could set the store to deliver a key from a list of pre-generated product keys. This would allow us to distribute Steam keys automatically when a product is sold on our site.
  10. We sell some products directly through our site, but other products are only sold through other marketplaces (other websites). It would be convenient if we could set an optional URL for a product so when the user clicked on the product, it sent them to the product page on the external site.
  11. Shocking!

    I copied and pasted an old record from a database I am deleting into a blog. Then I thought "Hmmm, I should reupload those attachments so they don't deleted". When I went to upload a file I saw all my content that had been pasted into the blog body was ALREADY an attachment! That saved me soooo much time!

    However, Mailchimp's RSS import really sucks. If IPB had the ability to automatically send a mass email of each blog, I'm sure it would be much better.
  13. IPB 4 is really good

    I've been using IPB4 for a couple of weeks, and it really doubles down on making the basic functionality better. The interface for both the user and the admin panel is MUCH simpler than IPB3, and I don't feel like anything was lost. The attachments, replies, and notifications are really well done. Thanks!

    Apparently MailChimp also has automatic email campaigns. So if you set up the MailChimp plugin for IPB that should handle everything you need. The only problem an IPB feature would solve is that Mailchimp is quite expensive for large lists.
  15. Suggestions Forum

    The questions-style forum already has this functionality and it would just have to be slightly modified to support a suggestions forum, where people make requests for products (kind of like this forum). Users would be able to vote on the topic itself, but the replies to the topic would not have any voting. Instead of "vote for this question" it would say "vote for this suggestion". It would be a really good way to track what the community feels is a priority. I will not use the "questions" style forum for this purpose because people would just get confused.