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  1. [HQ] Secondary Group Icons

    Works fine for me on 3.4.3 having upgraded it from 3.2.3
  2. Track Members

    Good idea :smile: Few Suggestions for the final version: 1. Ability to select default things to be tracked. I.e. Generally customers may only wish to track three options rather than all of them, and so it would be easier to have defaults saved. 2. Prompt to select what actions to track for users when an admin clicks to track the member. 3. List of all tracked members in the ACP. 4. Ability to Add/Delete tracked members in the ACP. 5. On the tracking logs page it shows the generic user photo instead of the actual user's photo.
  3. (e32) Custom Sidebar Blocks

    Hey Eric, I would like to make it so that a custom sidebar block isn't visible to users in a specific secondary group (Even though their primary group may be in the permissions as being able to view it) Any chance you could you give me a pointer as to how to do this?
  4. Image Whitelist

    Just doesn't block the image - posting from a non-whistelisted site and it shows up.
  5. Image Whitelist

    Hey Ryan, This doesn't seem to work with 3.4. Any chance of an update? :D Cheers!
  6. (TB) Group Format

    Also keenly awaiting a 3.4 update :)
  7. Download: (EJ33) ad block Blocker

    Exceptions for specific users would be good :)
  8. Download: (EJ33) ad block Blocker

    Editing mode and adding br's worked.
  9. Download: (EJ33) ad block Blocker

  10. Download: (EJ33) ad block Blocker

    The ability to use linebreaks still doesn't work for me :S (The editor in the ACP is now the big one with bbcode etc but linebreaks still breaks the mod).
  11. Download: (EJ33) ad block Blocker

    Latest copy.
  12. Download: (EJ33) ad block Blocker

    Does this work on 3.2? :S Doesn't appear to work for me.
  13. Download: (EJ33) ad block Blocker

    Few Suggestions: 1. Exception list - I know a few users who I'd like to be able to add manually to an exception list for this modification. - I think this one's very important. 2. Perhaps logging? Some form of feature that shows you which users are blocking adverts? 3. Have a setting so that Instead of showing the nag popup every time they visit, perhaps only show it once every hour, and for the rest of the time allow them to browse normally? I wouldn't want to give users a complete ultimatum of turn off adblock or leave, i'd just want to pester them every hour or so to turn it off.
  14. Clone Topics

    Could you not move the topic from the non-News forum into the news forum, and tick the box to leave the redirect there?
  15. [HQ] Secondary Group Icons

    PHP Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in [HIDDEN PATH]/forums/admin/sources/classes/output/publicOutput.php(3435) : eval()'d code on line 32 Still present in PHP Error Logs when using this mod. From what I can see nothing changed between the 3.1 version of the hook and 3.2 version :S