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  1. Crown & IPBForo

    The skin is amazing and the support from Ahmet is top notch too :D
  2. Crown & IPBForo

    Fantastic skin, but when I try to purchase at your site and use the coupon it tells me I'm not allowed to use the coupon. Also in your skin shop it says it's $15 but I when add to cart it goes up to $25, I'm sure this is just a typo but thought you should know :)
  3. Skin teke + ranks

    Excellent skin, thank you. Is there any chance of a psd for the logo, or could you let me know which font you used? Thanks :)
  4. Subscriptions Manager

    Not sure why you've linked back to the post I quoted Michael. What I was trying to say is that the subscription manager doesn't accept a duration of 365 days, instead you have to put 1 year. If you put 365 days it will give you the error when you reach the paypal page (or at least mine did), not sure if this is intentional or not, and I guess it's more logical to put 1 year rather than 365 days.
  5. Download: [3.2] Xbox 360 Theme

    Getting an error when adding the image set in ACP during skin install.
  6. Subscriptions Manager

    I know this problem was posted a little while ago, but it looks like it never got resolved or at least nothing was posted about it. I also ran into this a couple of days and found the answer by trial and error and thought I'd post the solution. We had a subscription set for 365 day/s and it was throwing this error back at us when we arrived at the paypal page. I discovered that for some reason the system doesn't like you using 365 days, if you want a subscription to run for this amount of time then you need to enter 1 Year/s so, I'd assume when setting up subscriptions you need to set up as follows; set it in days up to 31 days, then start using months up to 12 months, then use in years and so on. Hopefully this will help anyone else who runs into this issue.
  7. I'm just thinking now that it was the video that was causing it, it's added in the slides but it's not included in the download?
  8. I've sorted this out I think, after changing the default slides to images of my own it worked, thanks Enkidu :)
  9. Love this but am having a slight problem. Mine doesn't seem to move on from the first slide, it just repeats the first one over and over.
  10. [CFR]ibProArcadeScoreBoardv1.0.5.zip

    nice work, all sorted now.
  11. [CFR]ibProArcadeScoreBoardv1.0.5.zip

    PM sent with details, thanks
  12. [CFR]ibProArcadeScoreBoardv1.0.5.zip

    Great job with this mod and thank you. I have a small problem. When I enable it the footer information gets pushed towards the centre, I've done a couple of screenshots for you to see. (this is on FF)
  13. Download: Black Ops Prestige Set

    Preview/screenshot please?
  14. Download: [3.2] Royal Theme

    Fantastic Skin, I have to say I'm loving your skins so far Miles an asset to the skinning community
  15. iArcade 1.2

    Pm'ed you the link Axel Wars