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    Marius got a reaction from sobrenome in 4.5: Sign in with Apple   
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    Marius reacted to Matt in 4.5: Simple Stock Photo Picker   
    Yes, they are treated as normal uploads/attachments. We are not permitted to hotlink the images.
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    Marius reacted to Matt in Invision Community Apps for iOS & Android   
    Without paying for white label, which means setting up your own Apple and Google Play accounts, and getting the app through the approval process, a multi-community app is the only solution.

    There absolutely will be the possibility to adjust some things in the app via your own ACP for how it looks. Again, it's not feasible for a free app to have it customisable completely as you're not building simple HTML and CSS pages, it's much more complex than that.

    For the same reason, extensions and plugins that alter the front end cannot work. It's not a simple case of injecting some HTML into an existing template.

    The app is a completely different mindset to desktop/mobile browser apps.
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    Marius reacted to Simon Woods in Video: 4.2 So Far   
    I much prefer having a border around the buttons. Since, you know, they're buttons. If they're borderless then it's just text with no indication that there is a link there.
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    Marius reacted to Ilya Hoilik in New: Device Management   
    New AdminCP design is AWESOME. Can't wait to try it out
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    Marius reacted to AtariAge in New: Device Management   
    The last bit about showing multiple users sharing the same device is very important to me as an admin.  Very nice addition!  If you can take this one step further and create a page that shows ALL devices with multiple users, that would be an extremely useful report.  This allows you to more easily catch people creating multiple accounts, especially handy to help catch trolls who are trying to evade a ban.  
    Thank you!
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    Marius reacted to Netherlord in New: Leaderboard   
    Can i make a suggestion? A setting to disable usage of usergroups in leaderboard... Why?? Admins/Mods post the most on my site and many others... I feel as though we might steal thunder from normal members. so thus i'd like to remove myself from any such leaderboard!
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