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    ram108 got a reaction from MeMaBlue in (RU4) URLs Transliteration   
    @ABGenc, Yes. SEO fields will be filled automatically. You will get transliterated URLs for all links of the forum after applying mysql commands.
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    ram108 reacted to Ilya Hoilik in (RU4) URLs Transliteration   
    UPDATE blog_blogs SET blog_seo_name=''; UPDATE blog_entries SET entry_name_seo=''; UPDATE calendar_calendars SET cal_title_seo=''; UPDATE cms_database_categories SET category_last_seo_title=''; UPDATE core_announcements SET announce_seo_title=''; UPDATE core_members SET members_seo_name=''; UPDATE downloads_categories SET cname_furl=''; UPDATE forums_forums SET name_seo='', seo_last_title='', seo_last_name=''; UPDATE forums_topics SET title_seo=''; UPDATE gallery_albums SET album_name_seo=''; UPDATE gallery_categories SET category_name_seo=''; UPDATE gallery_images SET image_caption_seo=''; But that's not all. As far as I see, there is missed query for Downloads files at least.
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    ram108 reacted to Martin A. in Member Map   
    Delete /applications/membermap/.
    This should be doable. 
    You should see an option to use geolocation when adding/updating your marker, unless your using Chrome and not on a secure connection.
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    ram108 reacted to opentype in Suggestion: Self-Delete Functionality for Europe   
    European companies would indeed have to and European users know that and request it all the time. The actual content is a different and rather complicated issue, but the account with the personal data must be deleted. I wouldn’t know why this shouldn’t be an automated process, which users can initiate and then would just appear in the moderation queue.
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    ram108 reacted to Lindy in Can the notifications we haven't read stay bold please? No more red altert, but bold for the unread ones... thanks   
    We have several notification enhancements as part of a not-too-distant update. 
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    ram108 reacted to CodingJungle in Redactor jQuery editor instead of CKEditor   
    I'm working on a redactor implementation for IPS 4.0, Since i did one for 3.x for a custom job (which was not an easy task). for 4.0 there are a few things i have to work around, but for the most part it seems the html that redactor generates is compatible with the stuff IPS already has done. 
    The biggest hurdle i'm facing atm is the @mentions menu. there are stark differences in redactor and ckeditor, that are making a chore to convert this plugin over :).  Other than that, it is just a matter of adding in a few of the editor plugins that IPS has that redactor does not.  If i can't get the @mentions thing to work properly soon, I will probably release without it and have it as a future feature.
    I'll be releasing it under my own redactor premium license (which i've contact redactor over, told them what i was planning and they said that is allowed under the premium license). However the downside to this would be no other developer will be able to modify the core of redactor (without having their own premium license) and no one will be able to release plugins without having a basic license. if there is enough interest in it, I would be more than willing to upgrade to the OEM license to allow these things without restriction (when i mean interest, once i release it and sales are good).
    If any one has any questions about this addon, send me a PM or respond here. I'll answer any questions I can.
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    ram108 reacted to CodingJungle in Redactor jQuery editor instead of CKEditor   
    I have a beta up of the redactor application on my site for all those interested in checking it out, it only appears in the forums ATM and you will need to register to be able to use it, if you discover a bug or something not working correctly, please use my bug tracker .
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    ram108 reacted to Peter.B in Double empty lines after upgrade. Plan to fix this?   
    WARNING: there may be some cases where people had intentionally hit enter many times, but I consider the loss of those intentional spaces on a handful of posts a small price to pay for fixing the majority. Oh, and always take a backup of your database before doing anything like this:
    The three queries in the attached text file run in phpMyAdmin fixed it for >40k of my posts that were affected. Sorry I had to attach it as a text file but a big security error popped up when I tried typing mySQL queries into the editor here (not too surprised really).
    remove blank paragraphs.txt
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    ram108 reacted to Square Wheels in - Where list of members?   
    So many people have asked for this and IPS just says tell us why you want it.  Does it really matter?  People want it.  I'm surprised no one has made a mod for this yet.
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    ram108 got a reaction from marklcfc in Guests can't view New Content   

    VNC and activity stream are not really the same.​
    ​Yes. Just let everybody to open VNC link  
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    ram108 reacted to Andrej in Redactor jQuery editor instead of CKEditor   
    Switching to Redactor is quite an undertaking, however I would like to see it replace CKEditor in the (near) future. No, I really appreciate the work that was done to implement CKEditor into 4.0 but I feel that Redactor is better than CKEditor. Maybe I am wrong.
    There was a discussion on this on the IPS4 Preview Board, so I figured I put this as a suggestion here.
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    ram108 reacted to Adriano Faria in Name History   
    Made a quick plugin: http://community.invisionpower.com/files/file/7467-display-name-history/

    Waiting for @Charlie to approve the submission.
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    ram108 reacted to Colonel_mortis in Double empty lines after upgrade. Plan to fix this?   
    The problem is that in IPB3.4, when you press enter, it looks
    like this, with no gap between the lines. This meant that some members

    added two new lines to make paragraph separations clear. Unfortunately, in IPB4, a single enter
    looks like this, and having two new lines
    looks like this. From a code perspective, the difference is just that <p> tags now have a margin where they didn't before. Having a margin on the <p> tags is a positive improvement - you have already shown that some members were implementing it themselves before this change was made. Obviously, you don't want to undo the change (though if you did, you would just need to add
    p { margin: 0; }to a custom CSS file).
    If IPS were to make a fix, that fix would have to take account of the fact that some people may have added more lines (perhaps they wanted a really large gap, so they added 3 new lines in the middle), so to emulate that, the parser needs to remove every other empty new line. That makes the process fairly complicated to implement, and would probably end up messing up somebody's post. It might be a better solution than the current system though, if IPS are prepared to make a change like that.
    Alternatively, they could make it so it only emulates the old behaviour on old posts (by adding a .UpgradedPost class or something), but that then becomes more difficult to maintain, eg when IPB5.0 comes out and all the posts have to be upgraded again, and people will complain that their ancient posts have messed up formatting now because the old code holding it together has been removed. It would also lead to some issues when the member wants to edit their post, and suddenly by editing to fix a typo, it they have now messed up all the formatting.
    You can't win, no matter what you do. The current system is non-optimal, but without putting in a fair bit of work (which could be quite expensive) to make it not mess up someone's post, they don't have a huge number of options. It would be nice if they did implement a fix, but lets be honest, all it's doing is removing a few extra blank lines. Your members can fix their posts if they are completely broken, and most of the threads that have been converted will end up being superseded by new threads made in the new editor anyway after not too long, so it's not the end of the world if a few posts have too much white space. I understand your frustration though, don't get me wrong, I just think that there are enough workarounds to make this issue less significant than a lot of the others that people have raised with the new software.
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    ram108 got a reaction from ABGenc in (RU4) URLs Transliteration   
    @ABGenc, enjoy your forum 
    @Ilya Hoilik, I believe it is possible to run that mysql queries on first plugin activation to fix SEO strings.
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    ram108 reacted to AutoItScript in Double empty lines after upgrade. Plan to fix this?   
    It's a style setting in the sense that you can add this to your custom.css in IPB4.
    /* paragraph spacing same as 3.4.7 */ p { -webkit-margin-before: 0em; -webkit-margin-after: 0em; } And yes everything will look the same as 3.4 (almost, the spacing in the ckeditor is still big, but I digress).
    The issue is that IPB4 has the correct css paragraph styling and IPB3 had it wrong. In IPB4 if you want a new paragraph (i.e. the paragraph is separated by some whitespace) then you just press enter once and you get this:
    <p>First para</p> <p>Second para</p> Perfect html.  If you want lines bunched together you can use Shift+Enter to get <br>.
    On IPB3 if you wanted a new paragraph you had to press enter twice to get the correct spacing so you would end up with:
    <p>First para</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Second para</p> This looks "double spaced" on IPB4 so you have two choices:
    Option 1: Add the CSS above and work in the same "broken" way as IPB3
    Option 2: Leave the new more-correct spacing style but accept that all your old posts will look like crap. If your users are happy that old posts look weird then it's the best way to go - but it's not pretty.
    What is needed is option 3:
    Option 3: Leave the new spacing style but fix up old posts by removing erroneous <p>&nbsp;</p>
    It's not that easy to achieve though. Once you start having posts with multiple blank lines together it's tricky to process. If IPS didn't already consider this for the upgrade routine then I doubt they will now. I'm not sure if I can be bothered to code it as a custom mod for my upgrade either
    Edit: Something odd though, the very old posts on this site don't appear have <p>&nbsp;</p> in them. Which means that
    1. For some reason, users here never did double-enter to get paragraphs (unlikely, unless IPS weren't using their own default 3.4 css)
    2. Someone has run a script to remove the extra paragraphs.  And if so, can we have it please
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    ram108 got a reaction from estan in Double empty lines after upgrade. Plan to fix this?   
    ​Some of posts have multiple lines and others not. The original posts in old forum looks the same - without any exess lines. It is not possible (and should not) to fix it with CSS.
    Better to fix converson script to have posts looks the same before and after upgrade.
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    ram108 reacted to Makoto in Searching needs significant improvement.   
    There's plenty of room for improvement in IP.Boards searching function.

    All in all, it's always been a pain for me to use. It's almost always easier to simply use a Google search on my site to find what I want. However, this is only because my site is well indexed by Google. Not everyone is so lucky. In this thread, I'm going to go through some of the problems I've had, in no specific order.

    My memory is fairly sub-par, so I'll likely recall a few other complaints and suggestions over time that I'll add to this list, but this is simply a thread to get a discussion started. A thread to gather feedback and gather comments and further suggestions from the rest of the community. A thread to hopefully drive more attention to improving one of the most basic and most used functionalities of many forums, searching.


    Have you ever tried to search for an app in the marketplace using the built in search function here? Let's give an example. Try and search for this app now: It's called "Links Directory," so you'd search for just that, right? Links Directory. Huh. It's not there. The title of the app is clearly "Links Directory," but it's nowhere to be found on the first page. Why? It seems to be simply because the search results are organized purely by the submission date, relevance has no factor here. The actual app is third to last on the search results page. A quick Google makes the page significantly easier to find. directory It comes up as the very first result.



    Searching by thread, not post author

    One thing I find rather annoying is that I cannot search by a threads author. You can only search by post author. So, say you want to find a thread started by another user.

    The only way you can go about doing this is searching by the post author. This will include all threads that the user has posted in. There is currently no way to search only by the threads author alone. A simple extra functionality that I'm interested in hearing others opinions on.

    This could be useful when trying to search for a story a user posted, a guide a user wrote, so on and so forth.

    Searching by multiple tags

    Currently you can search for multiple tags at once, but this isn't exactly what I mean. If you search for an image with the tags "blue" and "nature", as an example, it will return all images from the gallery with either the tag "blue" or "nature". Unlike with keywords where you can define to search for "all words" or "any words", you cannot search for posts that contain "all tags" or "any tags."

    This is a functionality that I would personally find extremely useful in my community, especially in the gallery and downloads system. When you have a massive amount of images or posts in your community to weed through, being restricted to searching by a single tag at a time can be very inefficient. When you have a community that makes intensive use of the tagging system, why should you be restricted to only searching by one tag at a time? Tags can be used to describe many things, especially in images, and this is why many popular image hosting platforms (such as Gelbooru) make use of this basic feature.

    My suggestion here is simple. Give the option to search for either "all tags" or "any tags," just as you can with keywords.

    You can't search archived and live posts at the same time

    . The technicalities of the problem are understandable, and it's more or less considered a "trade-off" for using the archiving system by most. Apparently, with some configuring, you might be able to get Sphinx to search in both tables.
    This is a functionality issue I've
    posted about before

    This also seems to be an issue already acknowledged by developers, but I'm simply posting it here for the sake of including everything I can think of in my list.

    (Bug) Searching by title and content in archives only searches by content.

    This is a bug and a problem I've just happened to come across. When searching by "title and content" for archived posts, it only searches by content. It does not search by thread titles. See the following example. I'm searching for posts with the keyword "Konata" that are made by the user "Shu" in my site's Fanfiction forum. This is what is returned when searching by title and content.

    Only one result. There should be at least several. This baffled and frustrated me for a while, until I happened to figure out the cause. Now, if we go back and search by content only, we'll get the same thing. But, if we go back and search by title only, see for yourself.

    The most logical conclusion seems to be that the search function refuses to search by both the title and content, even though this is the default option. Try it yourself. Go search for something generic in your forum archives. Search by both title and content, title only, and content only. See some inconsistencies with the results? This is just one of the problems the archiving system brings. It's a good idea, but there are a number of bugs and problems I've seen because of it, to the point I'm considering simply disabling it and unarchiving all posts on my board at this stage. It's still a relatively new feature though, so I can't really complain all that much about it.

    Bug report
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    ram108 got a reaction from ABGenc in (RU4) URLs Transliteration   
    @ABGenc, Yes. SEO fields will be filled automatically. You will get transliterated URLs for all links of the forum after applying mysql commands.
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    ram108 got a reaction from Donkerrood in Guests can't view New Content   
    One more bad news to hear about IPS4 (after removed members list). New Content is the most important link to know what is happened at forum.
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    ram108 reacted to SJ77 in Where am I vs top contrib members?   
    On the home page there is a fun little box that shows top contributors by week, month etc.
    The problem is if one isn't on that list they have no idea where they rank. Sometimes I wonder if I am close or miles away. I was thinking a nice change would be to add a bottom row that shows "YOU" (respectively "you" would be logged in registered member). This could be a nice way to encourage people to contribute more.

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    ram108 got a reaction from Anonymous IPB User in Image setting options are TOO minimal.   
    Everything is too minimal in 4.0 now. It is better to wait half a year until IPS will implement what they bump out of 3.x
    If you upgraded already, think about to develop plugin for your needs.
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    ram108 got a reaction from CheersnGears in Image setting options are TOO minimal.   
    Everything is too minimal in 4.0 now. It is better to wait half a year until IPS will implement what they bump out of 3.x
    If you upgraded already, think about to develop plugin for your needs.
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    ram108 got a reaction from chilihead in Liking a PM   
    It is a Facebook disease to "like" everything. But I like the idea to "like" instead of say "thanks", "ok", "agree" and so on.  
    Missing "like" in PM too.
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    ram108 got a reaction from AlexJ in Image setting options are TOO minimal.   
    Everything is too minimal in 4.0 now. It is better to wait half a year until IPS will implement what they bump out of 3.x
    If you upgraded already, think about to develop plugin for your needs.
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    ram108 reacted to SJ77 in Image setting options are TOO minimal.   
    I understand that IPB can't produce software to assist every niche site owners dreams, but shouldn't it be well equipped to handle the needs of those who run image boards? I wouldn't think that's a small niche. I really wish that this is what was in the ACP, but it's NOT there  (see screen shot)

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