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  1. Haze by IPS Themes

    The 'Sign In' & 'Create Account' links mess up when the responsive layout kicks in (in Chrome & Firefox, anyway):
  2. Betting

    I have two sports-related sites that are tied closely together, sharing some of the same members. If I bought it for one, I'd have to buy it for the other or all hell would break loose. (We've actually had a similar situation happen previously). Unfortunately, I just can't bring myself to spend that much. It looks interesting, though.
  3. Betting

    How many sites does the license allow you to use it on?
  4. I'm currently using IceLabz Sitemap, and I was wondering if it would be advisable to switch to IP.SEO. Are there any comparisons? Would switching negatively affect my ranking?
  5. Search is terrible

    I've hit those same snags. It can be frustrating.
  6. (DP33) New Content Counter

    Y'all are griping about $10? I paid nearly $100 for this mod. :blink: