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  1. Subscriptions Manager

    Thanks for the reply Michael! I'll set it up for live use and watch it closely. EDIT: Having the Return Auto Validates setting off caused the issue. It works now in Sandbox.
  2. Subscriptions Manager

    Maybe someone can help me with Paypal IPN. My first question is Subscriptions able to use IPN in sandbox mode? I am also wondering if I have the correct address for IPN handling for my site. Right now it is this. And yes I have IPN noticfications in my history in sandbox. http://www.xboxchaos.com/index.php?app=subscriptions&module=incoming&section=receive&do=validate&type=paypal I disabled auto-completion on return validation and the app is hidden from the main bar so that I can set it up w/o my members noticing. Sorry if I sound like a noob.
  3. Please help me with domain!

    You have to set point your domains on namecheap or godaddy to the nameservers the IPS provides you at the time of account registation.
  4. Just bought IP.Board

    All orders are manually approved by IPS. Once they approve your order, you can download it in the client area. You may not get approved until Monday because it the weekend.