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  1. CSEO Migration

    link for topic is OK example : http://sport.mforum.pl/Szyfr-t46472.html forwarding http://sport.mforum.pl/topic/46472-szyfr/ link for subfolder (subforums) is problem example : http://sport.mforum.pl/Dania-na-Szybko/241/ forwarding error This forum is testing In CSEO Migration is : ~(?:^|/)(forums?).html~ ~(?:^|/)(findpost)[-_,]p([0-9]+).html~ ~(?:^|/)(?:[a-zA-Z0-9-]+-)?(f|t)([0-9]+)(?:[-_,](s)([0-9]+))?.html(&.+|$)~ how to change this : ~(?:^|/)(forums?).html~
  2. CSEO Migration

    only subfolder (subforums) how to change this : ~(?:^|/)(forums?).html~ Links to topics are OK
  3. CSEO Migration

    OK http://mforum.pl/Muzyka/345/ http://mforum.pl/Humor/16/ http://mforum.pl/Film-Teatr/344/
  4. CSEO Migration

    My old links for subfolders were in this format xxxx.com/subfolder/123/ How to change the : ~(?:^|/)(forums?).html~ ?