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  1. Tutorials

    I'll check that out, thanks! ;)
  2. Tutorials

    I have a technical question.. Can I change the FURL of this application? I don't want to use this Tutorial system for tutorials, but for something else... And don't really like it to be 'tutorials' in the FURL. I know I'll have to change some codes, but is there a chance you can point up on some parts that should be changes for this matter? Plus I thought about making a redirect (301), but it's kinda lame. Because every internal link will have 'tutorials' and for every click it'll have to redirect itself to it's new FURL.
  3. [XI] Delete Old Topics

    Yeah, that would be awsome. It'll be good if you can take under consideration in your script of those 2 matters: The maximum memory of the user for his board. The number of topics that are waiting to be deleted. That way you can totally fix this issue ;)
  4. [XI] Delete Old Topics

    Well, the main problem is the hook couldn't handle with so much topics that I had. Anyways, I written a SQL query that does the same thing and deleted all topics that older then 30 days. And from now on, the hook is capable of handling the amount of topics I have left :)
  5. [XI] Delete Old Topics

    I have a little problem with that hook... I have some sub-categories which are full with imported RSS feed. (~ 80,000 topics) When I'm trying to run this task I get this error: And... that's after I raised the 'memory_limit' to 512M in the php.ini file. Is there something else I should change in the php.ini or something? Thanks.
  6. [EN34] Ajax Thanks

    Elad, Thank you very much for the solution. Working fine for me on my custom skin.
  7. Tutorials

    Thanks to both you, how the hell I didn't think about that... It's now working perfect ;) And no problem with the skin.. :D
  8. Tutorials

    Need a little help in setting things right.. I've decided that I want to do that members won't be able to post tutorials without being approved by admins.. So it's working, but the thing I don't understand where do I approve those tutorials? I can't find it anywhere. As the poster I can view the tutorial, but it's in red means it's not approved yet, but when I log with my admin account I can't even see this tutorial, and when I try to enter it's URL I get: "The selected tutorial must be approved before you can perform this action." I've looked all the settings but can't find something that can point to my problem... Thanks in advance.
  9. Yes it is necessary. Because if you'll have URL of pages that begin with 'www' and some that aren't, Google will index them differently. What I mean is that you'll see pages in Google results with 'www' and pages without 'www'. Which is bad. I prefer it to be with 'www'. So yes, if a user won't type 'www' at the beginning of the URL it'll have to do a pointless redirect (301) just to add it.
  10. Yes, you are right about that one. But I think maybe IPB should give it as an option. Maybe to let it only for selected groups that I'll choose.
  11. Hey all, Is there a chance you'll make the CKEditor more advanced? I mean, to make an option in the ACP or something like that, that will let a user to use an Advanced CKEditor. Now I'll explain what I mean.. This CKEditor is stripped from a lot of CKEditor's options. Like for example in the default CKEditor when you want to add a link, so in it's wizard it showing you 3 tabs so you can customize your link with all sorts of settings like: rel (nofollow if i want), description, title and such. I guess you already know what I'm talking about. Or when you want to add an image you could also set some extra options of the image attribute, like ID, description, titles and etc. And yes, I guess it means to approve a bit your BBCode bits.. Because if we are talking a lot about SEO lately, It's necessary too I think. One of the known ways to improve your ratings are of course writing all sorts of articles, and if you do that you should stick to Google standards and HTML standards. Google like when you put title & descriptions for example for links and images, all that is important for SEO. What do you think?
  12. New Seo Update Suggestion

    Is there a chance that in 4.0 you'll stop using tables in your templates and change everything to DIVs ? That would be great. Because it's just the standard today ;)
  13. CKE Editor Feature Request

    Heh, problem solved with a modification ;)
  14. Thanks Peter, have to say it's all true. And that's the first thing I did on my board. It's necessary on every website (not just IP.Board), so you won't have pages that will index with 'www' and some will index without 'www'. Plus, never own 2 or more domains to your website (to the same index and rest of the pages), otherwise, literally IT WILL GET YOU ######ED UP! When I bought my hosting they offered us free domain, which we took. Plus, we bought our current domain. Google treated me as duplicate website, but it was along time ago, didn't even know the meaning of SEO back then, heh. If you have 2 domains, stop using one and add this code to your .htaccess : RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^www.zsc.li$ [NC] RewriteRule ^(.*)$ http://www.zsc.co.il/$1 [R=301,L] www.zsc.li - my free domain www.zsc.co.il - my current useable domain. After you put this code it'll redirect (301) from the free domain to the second domain you want to use.