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  1. Nobody? Also: What happens when I add an email adress to the ban settings and there are already registrated users with adresses that apply to the filter?
  2. I have a member group called "Newbies" and I want to disallow links in posts from these users. I can't find an option for this. Any hints?
  3. I want something similar: I want that new users can only post links, if they already had written 10 posts. I searched for a solution, but can't find anything. I found this answer ... ...while I can generate a new member group, but I can't find an editor option to disallow the newbie group from posting links. Any hints?
  4. Thanks for your reply, but no, we don't want to hide or disallow external links. We want to check posts with external links, because often (or better: sometimes) users set links to sites, that aren't allowed in our forum or they try to post affiliate links etc. It is not so problematic that we want to set all new posts with a external link in a moderation queue, but moderation would be easier, with an option to show all (new) posts with an external link.
  5. I'm looking for a way to search for / list all posts with external links. We realized that most posts that Admins / Mods have to edit, are posts with external links. It is not so bad that we want to put all posts with an external link into a moderation queue, but it would be very helpful, if we could have an option for the Mods to show / list all posts with external links. Even better if we could search for special domains. Actually we manually search for the term "http" and sort by date. But it would be handy, if we could use this as a saved search. Also we didn't check if we also get the post if the user entered only "www..." without the "http". Any hints for a solution?
  6. Thanks for the info! For the records: I submitted a support ticket. After some research and back and forth the support could solve the problem. In our case the main problem was that something went wrong while converting the custom profile fields from vB 4.0 to IPB. With access to the old vB database the support could solve the problem. Now everything works as expected. !
  7. Hello, switched recently from vBulletin 4 to IPB 3 and upgraded to IPB 4. The custom profile fields from vB got converted. But they don't show up most of the times. I found this information: Custom Profile Fields In some profiles I can see the fields but most of the time they are not displayed. When I choose "Edit User Profile" more profile fields show up but not all. After I save the profile fields in the editor, I can see all fields from the editor in the user profile even when some of the fields didn't show up before I got in the profile editor. Any hints? PS: Is there an option to force existing members to fill out new profile fields before they can use the forum again?
  8. Hello, switched recently from vB 4 to IPB 4. I try to find an option to make own BB-Code as we had in our old forum (i.e. Strikethrough or Off-Topic). Any hints?
  9. Hello, switched recently from vB 4 to IPB 4. I try to find a way to bulk import our list of over 600 banned email addresses. I definitely don't want to enter one email adress after another. Any hints?
  10. I realy hope that IPB considers an crossgrade offer for vB emigrants like Woltlab does for WBB. Because if i use the discount for the vB suite i have to pay 'only' $130 and get free support till the next major vB upgrade. For IP Board i have to pay $150, for the Blog $50 or for the suite $250. So the migration costs me besides lots of extra work additional $20 to $120 and after six month i have to pay more money for the renewal. Maybe IPB can oblige current vB owners with a little extra discount. Maybe they can reduce their work and decrease the service offer so that the customers must install IPB by themenselfes.
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