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  1. Just going to throw this in here, not sure if there are other referenced elsewhere in the software, but I'm not using the achievements on my forum, don't see the benefit.

    When issuing a warning is asks if you would like to deduct achievement points, which raised questions from my mods as to what they were.

    Not entirely sure why you would even want to deduct points if I'm honest, bit of a weird "punishment"

    Screenshot 2021-07-28 at 21.45.41.png

  2. I would love for this.

    At the minute members will send me a PM, I have a ready made reply which gives them 30 days and makes them aware that once deleted, no going back.

    If they change their mind they can cancel the request by dropping me a PM again.

    After they confirmed they have seen my message and still want to go ahead, I post restrict their account and set a reminder for 30 days.

    To have this automated would be great as it feels like I’m being threatened half the time as they don’t agree with a post being pulled or haven’t banned x member.

    I take the hardline approach in that look, we don’t hold you hostage, I’m also not begging any member to stay.

    Automated system would work like this in my mind.

    Once they click delete account, show a customisable notice that has a timer where they can’t click submit for 30 seconds or something so notice is read and they are aware of this is irreversible.

    Let admins select a cooldown period length, during which disables their account, can’t post, use PM’s. If they attempt to it opens up a would you like to reactivate your account notice.

    Allow admins to choose what happens after the cooldown period, to remove all content, assign posts to anonymous or the username but close account.

    This would be huge for me personally.

  3. Yeah I’m not a fan of these icons over the profile pictures, I get I’m not the most handsome man out there, but I work with what I have, covering me up with an icon gives me insecurities about that side of my face.

    The above might not be totally serious, but I can confirm I’m not a fan. If we are going down that route of covering our pretty faces, an online indicator would be more useful than displaying whatever achievement I’m up to.

  4. Just now, FGS said:


    Is this template compatible with > 4.5 versions ?

    No it’s not, sorry. With 4.6 around the corner I may look at updating it for that release 

  5. As the title suggests, if I restrict a member from posting for 30 days that should also restrict them from reacting to posts, or at least have an option to disable.

    Had a couple of members now taking their frustration out by trolling the moderators with reactions following their temporary restrictions. Work around has been to move them into different groups where they can make 0 reactions a day, but would be nice as I say to have that as an option.

  6. You know when you’ve had a few pints down the pub (less so in 2020), gone to the toilet and your aim is a little off.

    That’s how the notifications feel. They are a little off. When clicking one I have to scroll up a little to find the post which was reacted to. 

    Can’t just be me that’s noticed this? They need to sober up a little.

  7. Not wanting to get anyones backs up with this but I've read all 3 pages and feels like IPS are under attack here, maybe justifiably so in some cases, but just wanted to chime in and go against the grain, I'm happy with IPS terms and conditions and have no issues keeping an active licence for your continued development and support. 

    11 years in having been through vBulletin, Xenforo to get here my members have never been happier with the platform. 

    My forum is monetised well and covers all costs, renewal fees are just part of the outgoings to ensure my community is refreshed with new features and security fixes.

  8. 17 hours ago, KKP said:

    I was successfully able to upgrade to 4.5 version and front end is working fine. However, the backend skin got broke. I am unable to work at the back end. Can somebody let me know how to resolve it. May resetting the admin skin ...

    Have you tried using the support tool and running through the something isn't working option?

  9. If possible could RSS imports be looked at so they can import and embed videos from a YouTube channel, right now you just enter the URL to the channel in your RSS reader but on here the URL is not recognised as being a RSS link.

  10. 13 minutes ago, bfarber said:

    That's not true.

    UPDATE core_members SET members_bitoptions=members_bitoptions & ~1048576;
    UPDATE core_members SET members_bitoptions=members_bitoptions | 524288;

    Something along those lines should do what you are after.

    Thanks, ran the query and it's changed all the bit options but when checking some older members preferences in the admin panel it shows they are still set to from beginning 

  11. 2 minutes ago, marklcfc said:

    Oh, I didn't know hanks 🙂 Does that change it for existing members?

    It doesn’t. I’ve had to put an announcement out for logged in members though direct them to their account settings. 

    Would be helpful if we had an option to.

  12. Are you aware that since the iOS13 update which saw iPad’s break away into it’s own iPadOS it hasn’t been that great to navigate?

    Some links can take a couple of presses to trigger, although it’s difficult to consistently replicate which is why I haven’t opened a ticket. 

    See the screenshot below, this is usually only accessible by desktop and hovering, which I’m sure you are aware is impossible on iPad. 

    I’ve had a fair few members complain they get this on every topic they open, I can only replicate by kinda lightly touching on a unread topic but they insist it’s on every topic smashing the screen as they try to open.

    This is also with desktop view enabled and disabled.

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