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Entry Comments posted by day_

  1. 17 hours ago, Matt said:

    We're ahead of the curve. In MacOS 11.0 they are going to add an "UltraBrite" mode to combat eye degeneration caused by squinting at black screens.

    Matt, I appreciate the humour, can get on board with that, but at the same time I hope the feedback is being noted and considered.

    I actually use my phone a lot more than I do desktop/laptop and access the admin panel verifying members daily.

    We all see things different and taking the science away from it, some simply find it easier to read white text on dark backgrounds, on mobile I’m one of them where as desktop I can handle the white backgrounds a little easier for whatever reason. 

    Would be nice if IPS could include an inbuilt dark theme which can be toggled on/off.

    When I look at the forum showcase topic, to pull a random percentage out my behind, I would say that around 95% of gaming communities for example use dark skins, there’s a lot of people out there that swing that way, this has been the case for years now so not just a passing fad.

    Pretty please, just give us oddballs an alternative 🙏

  2. Well if we're sharing he's mine. 

    • 2017 iMac Retina 4K, 21.5-inch, 3.4GHz i5, 16GB Ram
    • MacBook Retina 12 Inch 2017, 1.4GHz i7, 16GB Ram
    • iPad Pro 10.5 Inch
    • HomePod 


    Apple fanboy? not at all, I just like things that work. I do have a window device as well behind me.

    • 78 Inch white UPVC, white plastic leaded, air cooling. (desperately needs a clean)



  3. Is there a bug tracker for 4.2? Might be blind but I can't see one. Found a minor issue on mobile using Safari and iPhone 7+, follow button looks to be causing a small amount of horizontal scrolling as it's a touch wider than the main content.



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