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  1. Reaction notification

    I haven't, just used the web inspect tool to edit the text as an example of how it could look.
  2. Mark forums read confirm or undo

    Try clearing your cache, few members reported the same and that fixed it for them
  3. This has been a long standing major issue for myself with IPS, apologies if you have heard me moan before but I thought I'd run a little poll to see if this is just me, as to this day I still struggle to wrap my head around topic titles taking you to page 1 and not the first unread post. When 4.1 eventually added a user option for streams to go to the first unread comment, I was hopeful that 4.2 may have given us a setting to make the change board wide but sadly not, this kinda confuses me as why acknowledge the demand is there but only apply it to streams and not board wide? The "dot" is not user friendly at all, I won't ever accept that is no matter what the outcome of this poll is, we are in a world now where mobile devices are taking over, even Apple are pushing their iPads now as a device to replace your laptop. Mobile devices do not allow users the option to cursor over a dot to see what it does, little Jimmy that only owns an iPhone and only ever known social media will not no what that dot does. He may enter a forum and click on a topic, read 10 pages, return an hour later and click that same title to be taken back to page 1. Imagine that was a Harry Potter book, each time having to thumb through pages to try and find where you were. If you are well educated enough to know, the size, it's too small, you have to pinch to zoom in to make sure you get the pesky little thing or you're taken to page one. Personally I don't use the streams at all, that's not to knock them I didn't use the old VNC either, I find it much easier to go into the individual board I'm interested in reading to access the topics. I'm not alone in this. Please take the time to vote even if it's just for my sanity if anything. Promise this will be my last topic on this subject.
  4. I would like to make a suggestion regarding the reaction notifications, back in the old days a like was a like, now with numerous options for your post to be reacted to I'm finding myself having checking my posts back to see what reaction I got. My suggestion would be to include the title of the reaction in the notification.
  5. I'm looking at the topic page and thinking what we have here is a couple of things which are no longer required. 1) Start new topic - We have a create link at the top which gives you access to creating a topic quickly 2) Reply to this topic - Gone are the days where replying to a topic required a new page to be loaded with an editor, just seems kinda unnecessary now having the button there unless we're going for the retro look. You would hope that users would read the topic before replying in which case they will already be at the bottom of the page with the reply box. With the help of Photoshop here with have an artists impression of how much cleaner the topic page could look. Could look at the homepage as well and ask do you really need 2 options to do the same job so close together?
  6. Mark forums read confirm or undo

    You're right and I was half right, I do need to be more careful where I place my cursor.
  7. Mark forums read confirm or undo

    When 4.2 was being tested before released on this forum, am I dreaming or were confirmations added when clicking the forum icon? Having just accidentally clicked one again there was no confirmation, is it been taken away from us?
  8. If you have anonymous logins turned off, any chance of removing the anonymous count from the who's online block? Just seems kinda pointless. Even if you did use anonymous logins isn't the point to stay anonymous, not sure why you would want to count them
  9. Show us your IPB 4 sites!

    Could start with the manager? He's been gone 2 years
  10. Sharing on Tumblr

    Another +1 for Whatsapp, Facebook messenger would be nice as well
  11. New IPS community URL

    On the IPS home page it does but not on the forum itself, I'm seeing this 270 x 65 image
  12. New IPS community URL

    Only just noticed that, wondered why my login wasn't saved, took me a while to find me password. Can I also whilst I'm here and rather than open a new topic point out that the logo is blurred on super sexy MacBook retina screens, can we have some logo@2x.png action going on pleeeease
  13. To be honest it's not something I would really pester the devs to be included, I know they don't want to fill the software full of code for every option you can think of, just throwing an idea out there. Wasn't aware there was a plugin that did this, I don't venture too much into the marketplace. I don't want to knock any developers but I try to stay 3rd party plugin free unless absolutely necessary. Not unusual for a dev to stop supporting updates which is fine, they can do that, just wouldn't want to rely on features through plugins that could be gone at anytime.....which can happen with core updates but less likely unless it's a major update.
  14. Would be nice to have 2 different kind of pinned topics, one that admin/mod set that cannot be unpinned for super important topics you don't want them to take down. Then let users also set their own personal pinned topics throughout the site.
  15. Charles, sorry to be a pain. Having tried out the 4.2 beta I can see the option to rearchive a topic from within. The problem is when you have hundreds of topics to rearchive that will take a long time as there is no mass option in forum display or the admin panel option. When you first released it I had a play on my forum, wasn't aware that unarchiving would prevent topics from being rearchived. I now have years worth I'm looking to rearchive so I can split the database. Unless I'm blind or dumb which is highly likely I can't see any admin panel options which would be super helpful. Rearchive topic if X, X, X, click done and wait for the magic to happen in the background. I'm paying the cost for playing without thinking about the consequences, I've served my time now please realease my topics