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  1. vB + vBSEO user possibly converting

    Ahh, moderator, I saw the FAQ...takes up to 48 hours. Dang :(
  2. vB + vBSEO user possibly converting

    I just purchased it and I don't have access. I'm sure that there is a confirming process, is there an ETA for that. Also, the email I got has a broken link:
  3. vB + vBSEO user possibly converting

    I'm wanting to buy the suite...I could have sworn I saw a package to get all of your addons for 1 price but I can't find the link to it on the products page.
  4. vB + vBSEO user possibly converting

    Thanks for all this information. I don't like chat boxes and I will never have one installed on my site. Yup, I've already read it. You (I think) pointed it out on TAZ and that got me thinking :P And after using the demo for a few hours now, I'm pretty confident that we will be converting soon. I just need someone that can help me with porting over the skin.
  5. vB + vBSEO user possibly converting

    What kind of caching systems do you guys support? Memcache? Xcache?
  6. My site has over 1mill posts and almost 120k members. With that being said, my concerns are: 1. Are conversions of big boards rather easy? And I thought I heard you guys actually do the conversion process for the customer...did I hear that wrong? 2. I'm sure people have converted to you from vb+vbseo, does it look like people lose their SERPs? Or do you guys have a certain script to keep the pages from falling out of the ranks (like 301 redirects). 3. vB has "Paid Subscriptions". People can go to this page, use it to purchase something, and in the back end, we have it so when they do, they are upgraded to a "Paid" status, and is removed after so many days/months depending on the package they bought. It has the ability to run through a few different companies but right now I'm using it with paypal. And if a payment is reversed, their status is automatically removed as well. I just want to make sure this feature is available as it's where 50% of my income is coming from right now. 4. How is the processes and server load compared to vbulletin (compared to 3.8.x, 4.0, and then vb + vbseo if you have this data)? 5. I noticed the "Bulk Mail" option. With the amount of members I have, how server intensive is it? Or is it ran on a cron job to only send out x number of emails every x minutes? 6. I see that you can change the usergroup color, but that color isn't carried over to the username, is there a way to make it carry over? 7. One thing I noticed was that when you log into the ACP and then "go back to board", and then go back into the acp even if it's 2 seconds later, it asks you to re-log in. Is there a way to set it so that it will keep you logged in for 10 minutes or something? Sorry for the long post.
  7. Yet another...screwed over vB user

    Sorry yes, I can. I thought it was a separate forum...but since this is a moderated section, I couldn't edit my post to say I found it lol THANKS!!
  8. IPB vs. vBulletin

    I'm not expecting any sort of response from them. From the looks of it, they are just trying to squeeze as much money as they can out of the current community and license holders. Unless 4.0 is absolutely UBER (lol yes I said uber) to the point where I wouldn't mind paying for it, then I'll be moving back to IPB.
  9. IPB vs. vBulletin

    lol and how many of us called THAT coming once we heard the news IB bought out jelsoft... I'm trying to get some answers through the support tickets...but they are pretty much ignoring me now. I think I'll be moving over to IPB due to the fact that I'm seeing the admins mingle with their members and seem to know some of them; rather than lynching users for asking questions.
  10. Yet another...screwed over vB user

    Thanks. Say a member gets banned and then creates a new account, will that account be detected and user banned or even placed under a group where the posts need to be verified? As for customer resources section...can't view it b/c I'm not a customer yet. I wish I could at least browse the section and not have the permissions to download anything, that way I can see what's available and the descriptions of each.
  11. Yet another...screwed over vB user

    Thanks for the reply! Anyone else want to reply to the stuff that optrexnz didn't get to?
  12. Hey guys, I use to use IPB back over 4 years ago and switched to vB b/c of vBSEO as well as all the mods they had. Now I'm here debating between switching back or sticking it out with them...so I have a few concerns I'd like to get figured out. My concerns are of follows (which I'd like to see if there are solutions for): vBSEO (plus their sitemap generator) - they have TONS of great options/customizations you can use, which definitely is a plus. Thanks system (I believe you guys have this, it's been sooo long since I've last used IPB) Credits/Points system with a shop - anything like this available? And how intensive is it on the server. I'd consider my site a bigboard site with coming up on 80,000 members, but constantly over 400 guests online at once. Welcome headers - Like a message you can make show up only for guests, members, "not a member of x group", etc? Image resizer Topic/thread of the month nomination Multiple login detector (we have a lot of kids that get banned that make numerous sn's) Trader ratings (sort of like eBay's rating system, so you know how's loyal and who's not) Newsletter - I thought I read this comes standard?? Moderation log for members - This is a simple mod I installed and my members love it b/c they can see who moderated their post and can PM them if they have a problem with it rather than making a post and ranting and accusing different staff members Automatic embedding of videos - this is also very nice but it's not something my site absolutely needs. Award system - something to hand out awards to users with. I just listed mods that I love but most of them I'm sure I can live without; the biggest thing is converting over and making sure everything is smooth with vBSEO. I rely heavily on SEO and one of the options in it gives me the ability to give a little snippet above the thread so I can use header tags for the SE bots...which has really worked well, so I want to see if I can do something similar with IPB. Just giving you an example of what I'm talking about it would look something like: If I'm able to do that as well as not lose rank with my threads, then I'd be TOTALLY fine :) While I'm talking about SEO, how does your's work? Is it like vBSEO that will take the title and convert it to the URL? Or do the users have to manually put it in? And I'm really sorry...this post keeps going :( As for the mods, are they simple now? I know when I ran IPB, they were a HASSLE! vB's was and is very easy to install any mod. Usually it's just upload files and then upload a product, then edit the settings to your liking. Is that how IPB is now? Or do many mods still require file edits? Is invisionize still the place to go for mods or do you guys have your own site now? I'm sure I have more questions but I've overwhelmed you guys enough. Thanks!