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  1. AlexJ

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    @Martin A. U are oldie on IPS and long time developer. Some tighter integration would be really helpful with paid application i.e. based on IP - auto put user flag and show them in the profile i.e. city location.
  2. How do I modify language flag? As of now all language flags have US flag. It makes it hard in admin CP to put correct translation. Ex: Group name:
  3. @TAMAN - Can you please update it for 4.5.x ? thanks
  4. AlexJ

    Contact Us

    When I try to upgrade, it says, i got latest update but I know for sure, I don't.
  5. Let's try once I am done with the upgrade. That is not an option. 😞 I got tons of section on forum which reply on prefixes. 10 years data would be pain to loose and reconfigure. I wish IPS would show - xx addons - not supported or no update available before the update starts. Would make life easier, rather then improving admin CP addon installation.
  6. grr.. fear comes true. Do i need to reload the back up? I did hit the upgrade, thinking, I would do clean install on IPS 4.5. Reloading from back up is pain in da butt. Any chance, if any issues, you can make it work for import after 4.5 install? I am pretty sure, many users u will get like me. 😞
  7. I have same question. Should I upgrade the site first and then install your addon? Will it migrate all the prefixes and such? Thanks.
  8. Just use your own mail server like Postfix. I do same when Amazon SES gives trouble. Switching takes only 2 minutes.
  9. oh man forgot that! Stupid me 😞
  10. It would be nice to show renewal option where renewal is required rather then this message:
  11. @SoftwareFactory It seems discord plugin is running all last updated users in loop. Any idea? #0 /home/xxxx/public_html/system/Task/Task.php(47): IPS\brilliantdiscord\extensions\core\Queue\_MassSynchronization->run() #1 /home/xxxx/public_html/applications/core/tasks/queue.php(43): IPS\_Task::runQueue() #2 /home/xxxx/public_html/system/Task/Task.php(362): IPS\core\tasks\_queue->IPS\core\tasks\{closure}() #3 /home/xxxx/public_html/applications/core/tasks/queue.php(55): IPS\_Task->runUntilTimeout() #4 /home/xxxx/public_html/system/Task/Task.php(261): IPS\core\tasks\_queue->execute() #5 /home/xxxx/public_html/system/Task/Task.php(224): IPS\_Task->run() #6 /home/xxxx/public_html/applications/core/interface/task/task.php(56): IPS\_Task->runAndLog() #7 {main}
  12. How did you configure Amazon SES? Any tips? How much it would cost for sending 1200 emails/day
  13. Can't access ACP. 😞 Any other option?
  14. @DawPi - How do you clear redis cache? Moved to new machine and site has been down.
  15. 4.5 is here and still can't filter based on custom fields 😞
  16. How did you create the top category?
  17. @devu4 Some server information page on top would be nice and may be another page for Rules. Currently in bottom - from UI look it's really bad. Can you please help?
  18. Suddenly the announcement block is gone from our site. Any idea how to get it back? Looks like i need dummy block to show the announcements? I added calendar block and announcements popped right in. How about removing requirement for dummy block?
  19. Justttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt releasssssssssssssssseeeeee.... Sorry sticky keys awaiting for 4.5 🙂 Please show some love to Downloads app!
  20. Hey! How's all going buddy? Long time, haven't seen you around.

  21. Just giving bump because it's very much required! @Matt @Lindy Please take a look, if possible.
  22. But isn't forum shows forum on top? How do I show Files in instead of 'Downloads' ?
  23. /Goes and Google zapier. Looks interesting and could use this. Update: Looks like free version of zapier is much limited. May be big boards will benefit.
  24. At some places it's called downloads and some files. Possible to have uniform name?
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