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Status Updates posted by AlexJ

  1. Hey! How's all going buddy? Long time, haven't seen you around.

  2. AlexJ

    Do u run photography based forum?

  3. 63272 spammers blocked lol... Good job stop forum spam :)

  4. Waiting to see IPB 4.0. ;)

  5. IP.Nexus 1.5.6 is messed up release.

  6. 9275 - Spammers blocked! LOL! Without anti spam hooks, I would be dead zombie LOL

  7. Banning baidu takes off half load from your server.....

    1. surferboy


      oh yeah? I am getting continuous attempts at breaking down our Great Walls that surround our website ... from a hacker outside of Shanghai.

      Can you share how we ban baidu and perhaps the likes of these hackers will stop trying to penetrate our fortress? Thanks!

    2. AlexJ


      I suggest to use cloudflare + to block Baidu add this rule in your htaccess:

      RewriteEngine On
      RewriteCond %{HTTP_USER_AGENT} ^Baiduspider [NC]
      RewriteRule .* - [F]

      Sorry for late reply.

  8. Feels just sorry for vB customers. God, bless you guys! IPB Rocks!

  9. Thanks for helping with IP.Content!! Cheers!

  10. Renewed IP.Content License :) Time to poke around again!

  11. Tired of this notification system! Their should be done something to make it better.

  12. AlexJ

    Congratz :)

  13. Common now release 3.2.3 :) Been waiting for it since a while :)

  14. I wish Gallery light box and navigation would be better..

  15. Never buy skin from Skinbox. Overall grade of company: D-

  16. Wondering when IP.Gallery 4.1.1 will be released.

  17. Company forums have become super slow lately.

  18. Company forums have become super slow lately.

  19. Any plans to update the MUDD mod from you for 3.2?

  20. After seeing couple of replies in one topic, all I have to say is 'LOL'

    1. Amy T

      Amy T

      What topic?

  21. Waiting for next beta build party :)

  22. I wish if there could be pagination in 'Content You Follow' page.

    1. .Peter
    2. Jeuhen


      Make a topic in the feedback forum :)

  23. New tracker is confusing, really.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. AlexJ


      Someone fixed part of confusion :P It actually was copying my first reply and appending it at end after every new post in issue. I see it's not there anymore. The rest needs to be sync'd with forums topic/posting style. I posted suggestion :)

    3. .Peter


      Yeah.. it's all messed up.

    4. Alex


      It won't match the forums topic style, that's the whole reason it looks like it does now - to try and get away from the 'topic' view.

  24. Go Mark go! Kill the bugs and release new beta :)

  25. Someone call Brandon back from vacation so we can have beta 2 :P

    1. TheRevTastic


      No! He went to Rikki's wedding so leave him alone! lol

    2. ørret


      I'm in Orlando, don't release final before I'm home please :P

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