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Entry Comments posted by AlexJ

  1. On 2/26/2021 at 6:51 AM, bfarber said:

    The link should do as it says and stop all email notifications. Having said that, it's not a new feature; it's available in the current release.




    Hello, I was told it doesn't do that. I tried to ask in same ticket but new ticket system is odd and not easy to reply. It keeps on saying, Continue writing.... while I just want clarification in that ticket. Can you please help? Thank you, as always! 



  2. 3 hours ago, ahc said:

    Invision charges $590/m for 100GB storage in their cloud service

    I get 500GB SSD machines for 50$ price range. So charging 590$/month is just outright crazy. Even if you hire sys admin to help with some set up, you still wouldn't touch that price. No offense to IPS hosting but prices are just unacceptable. 

  3. On 7/31/2019 at 6:16 PM, Matt said:

    Not out of the box, when you translate the phrasing, it will be used for all QA modes.

    You could create a little plugin, or theme edit to do the same thing though.


    On 8/1/2019 at 9:51 AM, AlexJ said:

    Both suggestions i.e. plugin and theme edit - are out of my reach! Can I please borrow 10 mins of your time and possibly you can share how to do it? OR May be create little plugin for us 🙂 Thank you!

    @Matt Your help is appreciated whenever you get some time to help us. 🙂


  4. 15 hours ago, Matt said:

    Not out of the box, when you translate the phrasing, it will be used for all QA modes.

    You could create a little plugin, or theme edit to do the same thing though.

    Both suggestions i.e. plugin and theme edit - are out of my reach! Can I please borrow 10 mins of your time and possibly you can share how to do it? OR May be create little plugin for us :)  Thank you!

  5. 1. Tutorial or Articles - Everyone needs help. Creating tutorials on your website brings users but doesn't add much interaction. Then the new enhancement from IPS kicks in. I am just going to quote you @Joel R


    Read your Guest Sign-up Widget.  This is the most important text in your entire community, since it's the first message visitors will read.  Is your Guest Signup Widget giving visitors the first impression you'd like, with proper keywords and messaging?   

    2. Log-in - Make it fast and more user friendly. Add all available logins ex. Twitter, FB, Discord, etc etc. Time is important and everyone hates filling Govt. forms.  :P 

    3. Target advertising or follow ups - Can't wait IPS to add Bulk emails/PM's which supports Custom Field. Don't spam users with generic emails. Everyone hates it and it would be soon marked as spam by user!  Ex - If player is not playing RPG games - don't send RPG games email. Use custom field which they have selected i.e. FPS to send him FPS games update. I can't wait for new enhancements on it! @Matt

    Use custom fields to show their profile completion progress, Registration should be email/password and validation. 

    4. Themes - Provide light and dark theme at least. Even now mobile OS provides - light and dark theme so that user can use what they like. I just wish Themes would be available to select through drop down menu rather then all the way in bottom! 

  6. 7 hours ago, Sonya* said:

    And I know a guy who had hemorrhoids. He did not want to join hemorrhoids FB group. He has found a forum and was able find Dr. through it and got support from other forum members. Most of them did not want to use their real name there to some reasons 😉 

    I think that is completely acceptable, I had seen, similar case for STD's. I was trying to do research on some pharma companies for future pharma growth for their next generation medicine pipeline for trading stocks and I figured that. :)  I was just sharing other side of the experience. That's why I had said first in my comments - "Smaller communities are also going no where yet"


    3 hours ago, Matt said:

    You have the data on your server (or if you are on our cloud plan, we will give you a copy when you leave) and there are numerous conversion tools for other platforms.

    I mean to say was tomorrow you can decide to shut down IPS. Then all my 5 licenses are worthless and over the period, I have lost some good data since their was no good alternative for the add-ons which I was using in previous version. Ex - IP.Tracker. Loved it! Sadly, no good solution to that addon. While I migrated the board from IPS 3.x to 4.x lost data over it. In that sense, I am at mercy of what you guys decide. :) Another example is IP.Subscription - using IP.Nexus just for subscription now. 

    What I was mentioning was when people choose free stuff i.e. FB page, they make precise decision for using it knowing the fact that it can be gone next month. Lot's of Youtube channel folks, need a place where their viewers can interact in real time and they use Discord. Same for Facebook. 

    For me at the end - use what meets your requirement.  :) 

  7. 9 hours ago, Joel R said:

    2. Facebook and Discord is not free.  There's a false sense of free with those services, where it's literally costing you your user data and privacy.  

    Discord is crazy popular atm. Not in just gaming world but even in professional stock traders and many other people from different field are using it. The whole privacy stuff - I agree with you but the reality is only minority of % people care about it. If majority would care - Facebook user base would decline but it's not actually.  Facebook user base out of all odds, is actually growing. From Facebook earning call - 



    9 hours ago, Joel R said:

     3. Whether or not Facebook and Discord are easier to start a new community on, they're exceptionally bad for large communities with a lot of activity.  There's no long form communication or organization on those platforms, which makes to hard to save and retain the best content.  

    IMO - i see it as opposite. My kid had eczema when he was 1 year old due to less humidity in house because of crazy winter spell in east coast. I was able to find Dr. through Facebook and got support and suggestions through FB group. People where really communicative and in fact people use FB messenger same as forum PM but it is instant conversation saving my time.   In today's world, time is value and everyone wants faster feedback, replies and support. Someone post on FB, you get notification if you have opted in and you either help or pass it on or ask Q.  Plus the accessibility through App makes it much faster. No down time much and no maintenance required. Select some good moderators and you are good to go. No need to worry for webserver, php, database, turning, etc etc.

    9 hours ago, Joel R said:

     The one overwhelming takeaway from this article is that anytime you rely on another platform, you're at it's mercy.  The only way to protect yourself is to run an independent community.  You lose a lot of the platform's benefits, but you control your own destiny.  

    It's same with IPS or phpBB or Xenforo. If I use IPS platform, I am at mercy of IPS. If i use FB, I am at mercy as of FB. So for a user that always has been the case. Not for Matt or Brandon because they are geeky masterminds :)  


  8. 16 hours ago, Sonya* said:

    Only one of thousands makes "click, click" and has success. The most out there do not have any luck with Facebook and Co. either. There are tons of dead groups and channels. The time as it was so easy is gone. Nothing is easy in internet nowadays. Nor in Facebook neither with own community. You can succeed with both, if you have right ideas. It is not a medium or platform that decides about success. 😉

    No - I think you are partially wrong, their. On Facebook, I am part of some gaming groups, health groups and financial trading stock groups. Crazy active groups. I have also seen lot's of recipe/cooking group and even kids group exist where mom's ask question to other moms which my wife is part of. 

    Facebook is all marketing play because audience is readily available. People even sell stuff through FB and make crazy $$ out of it. 

    I can also see their point. I had asked question to different group owners, why not create your own website? Each one had said similar lines - why invest time, money and effort and then ask users to register on it through Facebook or other things while they can do it directly on Facebook? 

    Their are tons of groups on Facebook - similar to tons of gaming, health and tech, etc. websites. I see no difference. You pick the one which is active and either get help their or help someone else. 

  9. Facebook is going no where but it seems, their are tons of bureaucracy issues with it. Until we find replacement for Facebook, it will be here for a long time. 

    Smaller communities are also going no where yet but imagine the cost of hosting something? Example - Youtube - you post the videos and make the $$ out of it. Now if you need conversation place, Facebook is good choice because no additional fees. 

    Gaming communities - they are also slowly moving to different things - example Discord. Everything happens live. Why a gaming community, needs to pay additional 625$/year + additional recurring cost, while free alternative exist which has Mobile app, as well. 

    The only descent way to make money out of your website is only if you have direct contact with advertisements because definitely Google ad-sense doesn't pay you much. Over the years, I have seen lot's of good content getting lost because website owners have no intention to keep stuff going. 

    Facebook, Discord, etc etc is all free, free. So for starting, it get's more easy to host stuff on it and requires no additional skills. Just click, click and done. One of the reasons, I think reddit, is so popular, now a days. 

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