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  1. This would be nice to have as an additional agreement when a user wishes to start a club they agree to the some specific additional site rules or terms etc.
  2. Been asking this for quite a long time - i want an activity feed that can FIND relevant posts that have NO replies - this is useful to moderators so they can quickly follow up conversations.
  3. I have a place for white papers (PDFS) in my marketplace (downloads) is there a way to auto assign a generic Screen shot/icon for these documents? Or some how get the first page as a image? IF it currently doesn't exist a nudge to add it in a future version or a third party add-on.
  4. Forum Grid style should resemble Our Picks

    Just floating this up again...
  5. There are times when you are an admin or mod and you wear different hats - sometimes your doing your 'duties' other times you just want to enjoy your own site and not have to keep seeing a sea of PINK posts because they are hidden for whatever reason. I wish to have a switch that you could toggle that would for your session completely remove the hidden posts when you just want to enjoy the site you built.
  6. (NB40) Attachment Hits Counter

    is this 4.2 compatible?
  7. Site Logos static default vs theme...

    just bringing this point up again... at the very least if i am in a theme it would be nice to be able to IMPORT logos from a prior theme, when tinkering with themes your not always at the computer that has your logos, and there is no easy way to get the logos from one theme to another.
  8. Guidelines not a link?

    Why are the guidelines not a link next to the Privacy Policy in the footer of the site?
  9. Forum Grid style should resemble Our Picks

    any talented designers want to take a stab at making Grid view more appealing?
  10. What is the point of activity stream?

    Still want a way to show all content that hasn't had a reply to - as a way for moderators to make sure they have first opportunity to greet newbies.
  11. Edit Profile a full page NOT Modal Popup.

    i found another link on the 'settings' page that also spawns the popover.
  12. Edit Profile a full page NOT Modal Popup.

    Thank you - this is awesome!
  13. Edit Profile a full page NOT Modal Popup.

    i just discovered that now need to see how to edit the button on the profile to go to that page vs the popover. thanks!
  14. Can we please have a way to have the edit profile a standard page instead of the modal popup.