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  1. Thanks for understanding what I was saying. Hope the screen shot came out this time. I uploaded it a few times.

  2. Download: (SOS30) Contact Form v1.0.0

    I there a way to put the contact page into a IP.Content page?
  3. Place/ Store Locator script

    Hi thanks for the reply. not quite what i ment. Im not looking for shopping software im looking for a store/place finder. For example you would put your postcode or location in and it would bring back the nearest results from that location. There could be other search fields as well. any ideas? :thumbsup:
  4. Hi, I am looking for store locator script that i can ideally run with IPB. Is there a plugin or application that does anything like this? :thumbsup:
  5. Hi i have a contact that is running your software and need to ask a question hope this is the best place. What i would like to do is to take for example the last 10 started topics as a feed from my contacts forum and display them on a completely different domain. How would i do this?
  6. Anyone work for Panasonic??