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  1. CodingJungle's Apps [support topic]

    Thanks for this info. Now I have ArrowChat. There is no menucount too and this is the most unlikely feature for my users.
  2. CodingJungle's Apps [support topic]

    Hi, I'm interested in Babble Chat (Service). The most important feature for my users is an indicator in menu how many users are in chat now (like the IPS Chat had). Is there such a "bubble" in the menu?
  3. Block for activity stream

    Is there such a setting for blocks now in 4.2?
  4. Topics With No Replies Sidebar Widget

    It works like it should. A must have widget for every community. Users are frustrated if they don't get an answer in a forum. Wonder why isn't part of core of IPS.
  5. Message on Signup Screen

    Works fine. But it should really be a standard feature.
  6. Blog Permissions

    Is this a feature meanwhile? I didn't find.
  7. Black Friday Promotion

    Same for me: "[#10X106] You cannot use that coupon with this purchase."
  8. Be more like Facebook chat

    2 years later the extensive plans are still plans Does anyone have a good other chat with integration in IPS4?
  9. Show us your IPB 4 sites!

    Is this a theme from marketplace here?
  10. Can I set default sort of search results by date in 4.1? I can't find the setting :(
  11. Any news about chat?

    Ok, I'm planning for next fall then ;)
  12. Any news about chat?

    Hi there, in November I want to update my 3.x site to 4.1 – I hope that this time you really publish the final version at the and of October. When I told my users for the first time from the update, were the first questions: Will the chat be better at lenght? I believe that they're right The last update of chat was some years ago I feel. Are changes planned for the next few months? Otherwise I would still looking for a third-party chat, and this would be a shame.
  13. IPS4 Feature Plan

    I thought chat would be one of the next piece of work – in my memory first with 4.0 we have the chat as is now and soon there's an update after all the years. But now is in "Planning Stage". In IPS time this could be 2 years if I look when IPS4 was announced
  14. Keyword Tooltips

    Thanks! :thumbsup: A suggestion for one of the next updates: Is it possible to turn off the column "Case sensitive" for guests and normal users?