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  1. 3.2 is sick! can't wait!!!

  2. Turn your lights off tonight at 8:30pm for Earth Hour!

    1. .Ian


      you posted that at 8:32pm ;)

    2. Stars25


      @Ian, your timing setting must be off on this forum because he posted that at 4:32 Eastern time :)

  3. This is why I moved to IPB, its dream upgrade

    That's why IPB rules. :)
  4. Charles, you are requested in the chat room. :)

  5. My yearbook has scratches and bite marks in it cause my friend bit it haha

  6. Someone changed my photo in here!?

    Great idea!!! So does this mean we can post as Michael until the bug is fixed?
  7. can't wait for IPB 3.1 beta to be released!

    1. Iestyn


      Same here dude, it's going to be shweeeeeeeet!

    2. RenegadeFamily


      the suspense is killing me :(

  8. Beta Releases Coming Soon

    can't wait!
  9. Full Screen Skin Editor

    When I'm editing my skin templates, I like to use the full screen feature. But, I noticed that you have to close the full screen editor to be able to save it. Can we add a save button to the full screen editor?
  10. Latest Visitors

    I know it's military time. I was just pointing out that I think they should be formatted the same. Just my opinion.
  11. Latest Visitors

    I noticed that the times for the previous day and current day look different from each other when viewing profile. I thought maybe they should be consistent with each other. But, this might be something that is easily fixed in the System Settings.
  12. mod_rewrite

    I noticed that there isn't a mod_rewrite for the members page. Like how the calendar and index can be accessed by going to boardurl.com/calendar and boardurl.com/index, but you can't get to the members page by going to boardurl.com/members. Same thing with the portal, but then again some people might use that as a homepage. Was this intentional?