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  1. iAwards

    There has only been one way to award members, via Admin Panel? I can't find an option in their profiles. Sorry if this has been asked and answered before, can't find answers. Great job btw with this plugin! Update: Found it, mah bad
  2. (M34) Videos System

    I have same issues with thumbnails PM you with info. After update all thumbnails was mixed. Please help!
  3. Sign in through Google

    Hi great hook, thank you! How I can change language on the button? It is English by default and I running Russian speaking community. Thank you again! Never mind I found it, thanx )
  4. (M34) Videos System

    Hi Mike, thank you fore the great application. We got small issue, thumbnails not appearing on main page, is there any way to fix this thing. See attachment. Thank you!
  5. Download: Power Contest

    In our community we have a lot of Photoshop Contests. Basically user adding images in the posts and then we are adding polls for images - Image one, Image Two, Image Three. And if some one can create Contests like this http://www.worth1000.com/contests/28461/invisible-world-celebrities that will be awesome, and I will buy this application.
  6. Download: Power Contest

    I think we need more customized polls, like where we can see I.P addresses. Option where we can change permission who can vote and etc, that will be awesome ready to pay up to 100$ for good Contest Application that will help my community and that will improve voting process.
  7. (SD32) Reputation Reason

    Is anybody else have this issue: System not showing how many likes was given. Any good advices how to fix it? Thank you
  8. (SD32) Reputation Reason

    Спасибо! Great, work for me!
  9. (SD32) Reputation Reason

    If not you guys will delete this great hook? That guy not updated this hook for billion years and it doesnt looks like Spanner trying make money on this hook. So I think he did goo job! Thank you! Same here!
  10. (SD32) Reputation Reason

    Same problem! +1
  11. Tournaments

    Is there any advanced voting system? My community like photoshop contest will this app help me for some how to improve our contests or it is more team based system?
  12. Yeh ) thats me, thank you for your help! I just trying to find whats the problem is. I dont know it just keep blocking my users. And I dont want uninstall this app cause my community get used to it. So please if anyone knows how to resolve this issue I will realy appreciate any help. Thank you!
  13. Is anybody else have this problem: When user authorizing via social web sites like facebook or twitter they automatically moved to group - Blocked. This is really critical, is there any solutions? Thank you!
  14. Topic Template System

    Is there an option that will allows me to use custom field only in specific topics?
  15. File Name: 18 Ranks Sport Style (3 Colors) Professional & clean design File Submitter: Dreamscape File Submitted: 03 Feb 2012 File Updated: 14 Feb 2012 File Category: Group Team Icons Now Free! Collection of 18 Ranks for your community Collection of 18 Ranks for your community (with editable text) 18 Organized PSD files 18 PNG files Font used: standard font Arial. (Support all Languages) Technical Details The file was originally built using Adobe Photoshop. So the files included are PSD files. However each of the buttons are already exported as transparent PNG 's as well. How to Install:Unzip the files and upload all the .png files to /public/style_extra/team_icons folder via your FTP Client. Go to your ACP and go to Member Groups -> Manage Member Groups. Then Click the Group you wish the change the rank image for and tell IP.Board where the image is. Ex: public/style_extra/team_icons/admin.png Thank you for purchasing the item! Please let me know if you need more specific colors I will ad them for free. Click here to download this file