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  1. Questions before buying IPB

    Ok guys, you convinced me. :D Last question, then I buy - how long does the conversion process take?
  2. Questions before buying IPB

    Hi, Thanks for the quick respones, Charles and BacTalan. Another question: how do updates work? Do I need to pay the optional fee every six months to avail of it?
  3. Hi, I'm a new member here and I joined specifically for trying to find information before I go ahead and buy a standard license for IPB 3. I have an existing forum using SMF 2 and I need to have a few questions answered - given the professional and very helpful expertise of the IPB staff I assume I can get all the info (and nudging, hehe) I need. 1.) My current SMF 2 install has a lot of custom mods in it. Do I need to wipe them all out and then convert? Or the conversion process ignores all mods, so I can just convert anytime I like? 2.) Given this, is it possible to just make a backup copy of the database using phpmyadmin, install the newly-purchased IPB 3 to the server and apply the aforementioned backup to IPB? 3.) Is there a demo where I can tinker around with the admin options, just to get a feel on how it's different from SMF and Vbulletin (the only two forum software I'm familiar with)? 4.) I'm not familiar with the process of buying a license for a forum software, tbh (as SMF is free and I only had experience with vB as an assistant admin, not as the full license holder). How does this work? Can you give me a step-by-step process? I know it sounds noobish but I need the directions. I think that would be all. Thanks in advance, IPS team!