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  1. Classifieds

    Andy since you are working on it could you please have a look at a recommendation I made this summer. It would be fantastic to be able to limit the Active/Open classifieds for each user. e.g. Do not allow them to publish more than 3 ads unless some of them expired or closed by the seller. There are many other things that could be done with this module such as feedback (separate from the IPB reputation system) and even better to allow feedback only from the buyer (needs to be specified by the seller). Looking forward to 1.1.3 or even better to 1.2 version. Keep it up
  2. Classifieds

    Will there be an option to LIMIT the active classifieds per user? e.g. a member could only create 3 classifieds until a classified expires or is closed by the seller.
  3. Where is Blog This???

  4. IP.Content 1.2.0 on its way

    Nice step forward, it starts taking shape.
  5. IP.Content 1.2.0 on its way

    I really like the attachment improvements...
  6. IP.Content 1.1.2

    [quote name='MindTooth' date='23 November 2009 - 11:55 PM'] Would care to see some API to retrieve data from the forum. An update to IP.Content is well received. Birger :) I'm looking forward to such a feature. Creating a database of articles and automatically "Promoting" selected post from the forum to articles... either as straight copies of just references. Ideally, the admin or a moderator could see a icon similar to "Blog This" (for those who have IP.Blog installed) like "Article This". This is a must feature in my opinion.