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  1. Tracker

    Just wondering as I'm usually rather picky, no rush.
  2. Tracker

    When could we expect the next version release?
  3. Relationship Status

    Would the option "Its being played by" be taken into consideration? Nice hook, debating if I will use it or not.
  4. Tracker

    First time using the Tracker, smooth install, so far so good, I will report any bugs I find.
  5. I'm currently thinking on using this but wanted to check if its currently working perfectly with IPB 3.3.4. Can anyone confirm?
  6. New Bug Tracker, powered by IP.Content

    While it might be for the better I won't go into purchasing IP.Content just for the bug tracker... I'll stick with the previous version.
  7. [IPBLounge] Applications System

    I've been looking for a system just like this one! Seems to have everything I need too, but like Divine Forces said on hes comment here. There are inconsistencies and a couple of areas could be more... professionalize. Though some of these touch ups are small they are essential enough to keep me from purchasing this. Would we be able to edit some of the text used (such as changing "infos" to "information")? Or would we have to wait for you to do it? Also I would like to see an screenshot of how it would look from a members point of view while filling their application. Lastly as previously said, somethings could be neater looking...
  8. IPB Server Requirements

    changeindia: How many online members do you have online on a busy day (not your busiest).
  9. IPB Server Requirements

    Alright and what would you suggest for the CPU?
  10. I've been looking for a host that gives me a great deal and some space to grow but I can't figure that out without knowing what are the forum requirements. I'm planning on running the forum with all the availiable add-ons (gallery, blog, etc) and possibly a couple of simple webpages (I might buy IP Content for this). This is all I could find. I would like to know around how much RAM and CPU would I need to smoothly run a medium size community. I currently have in mind a VPS with 1.1Ghzs 768 RAM 30GB Disk Space & 500GB Bandwidth.
  11. New IPB License

    Well.. that... sucks.. I'll merge the forums then. Thanks.
  12. New IPB License

    I'm planning on making another forum, my current one has all the extra aps, after I purchase the new license for the IPB will I have to re-purchase the add-ons as well?
  13. Still hoping this is added or at the very least a hook is released (and maintained) for this.
  14. Ratings/Feedback

    Sorry I guess I missed them, I had a feeling I wouldn't be the first one to post this.
  15. Ratings/Feedback

    I just became aware of something that seems... unfair. This is the list of all the files I've released. I think that a member shouldn't be allowed to rate (with stars) or comment on a file if he/she haven't downloaded/purchase it (I think it would be alright to allow them to on the files topic though). It just makes good sense that "If you haven't purchased the product how can you review it?". I found it unusual getting rated so low only for the "paid" graphics while the free ones have better ratings. People rate down just because they don't want to pay for something and I think that isn't fair.