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  1. Hello. i want to integration your app with membershop. How much do you want for this job?
  2. Yes, i select all group. Another point, i can't translate 'every hour' and the hour style. How i fix it?
  3. Hello, i've buy another app for member shop, Goals. But i have a problem, only one member receive the points. Anothers members finish the goals, but only me receive the points, its normal?
  4. About first question, this is not a problem with tutorials or any others... this a error with your app, because when i share a tutorials/uploads/blog etc... i create a topic with member account... but the member don't receive the points. I setup the points to be send when a topic was posted there. Maybe you needs chance the method to cont this topic and give the points. Or if you prefer, i can pay for you fix it for me.
  5. If this is a 'normal' bug, you need to information this on product page. I will read all reply. And about what i ask before?
    Good. But nobody solve my problem. How i fix it?
  6. I found another bug. How i fix it? When i try to add money to any member via admincp
  7. Hello, i need help with your plugin. 1. When my system create a topic automatic, my customer didn't receive money. How i fix it? I'm using the tutorials plugin from Adriano, and your plugin don't have integration with this app. Then i setup a good value on support topic, but don't count. How i fix it? 2. How the admin/super admin spend your money? I make a order but never lost money. I have remove this privilegy. 3. How i give money when my member receive a tropheu?
    I liked the module. It's easy to use and simple to set up, but expect more. Try here: https://ggames.com.br/conquistas/ The page displaying the trophies / medals has no categories. Also does not respect the organization in admincp, it is by ID. Look to 'seja bem vindo soldado' and 'recém chegado!'. Wrong position. The widget worked perfectly on the desktop, but on mobile it broke. Desktop Mobile The rules are generalized, I can't reward categories. For example: If you started 10 topic / commented on category x. If you allow this feature, I can encourage my users to generate good content. In addition to giving the trophies, I will be able to give money through membershop. Duplicate does not work, post settings, reactions, etc. Do not save when we duplicate, just the description, name and icon. Where are the achievements in the user profile? Topic View. Your module is great, but will change some extra functions to be worth it. I already had iwards, but I got its module because I needed another module not available on IPS. You can do your best!
    Eu adoro esse plugin. Ele dá um ótimo visual no meu fórum de jogos. Estão de parabéns. I love this plugin. It looks great on my gaming forum. They are to be congratulated.
  8. If my user are using the discord app, i can't edit his account. How i fix it? I already update your app to the last version.
    Work fine. Only left to allow this on IP Downloads, tutorials etc... Another sugestion is don't crop the existent links example: https://ggames.com.br/topico/5454-como-habilitar-o-backup-automatico-do-registro-no-windows-10/
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