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  1. How can i install the CKEditor Theme? Edit: I figure out.
  2. Version 1.0.0


    If you want to use a original and unick User Rank (Reputation) or User Group, this bundle it's for you. You can use both or each option where you want. Its possible to edit the color from starts and bar color with psd. I will send too a copy from font used to make the examples, this fonts its free. With this bundle you will receive PSD, font and PNG files. Use your imagination to add more colors!


  3. Great work. Don't work with downloads and tutorials?
  4. About update, i will not lose my translate, right?
    Good idea, only left work. When i click on send a msg (with allowed account or not) don't work, give 500 error.
  5. Don't work. I moved to another position and don't work. You need to remove this ICON from the source. If be possible, use a font. On LoginHandler.php public function logoForUcp() { // SVG logo in 16px size renders wrongly on Windows return \IPS\Theme::i()->resource( 'discord_logo_white.png', 'brilliantdiscord', 'front' ); } Try to fix it, We really need to use the facebook...
  6. Its right. Because if i disable to widget, don't show the 'icone' on facebook preview.
  7. Hi, how are you? Hope you fine i found a bug (SEO Bug) when i try to make a post on facebook or try to debug on facebook (https://developers.facebook.com/tools/debug/) the link always show the discord image, not the post image! Do you get it?
    This is the best Discord Plugin for Invision Power Board
  8. I noticed some games don't show up to select, for example Assassin's Creed® Odyssey from Steam. thanks for add portuguese language!
  9. I want to import the game description in portugueses.
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