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    Work perfect! Only left the DISCORD 😄 Thanks a lot, you rock.
  1. Version 1.0.2


    Improve your SEO Tags. Clubs, Forums, Downloads, etc of your forums, create and edit titles easily, just adding a simple code on the plugin and see your website be better indexed on the search mechanisms. Example: To get a better experience go to your main Language, search for the key "search_blurb_tag" change "Showing results for tags %s" for just "%s" like image bellow If you want to add more "Affected URLs" add how many you want but always put "/tags/" on the bottom, like the image bellow See now how it works, i search on my forum for IPS (https://example.com/tags/ips), and it will show this: Special credits for @A Zayed for create this custom plug-in to our forum and allow us to sell it.


  2. Hello, work in portugueses brasil? pt-br
  3. Hello, i found a bug with Only send the prize if the topic/file/comment/etc be approved. A lot of user don't have the files or comments approved, and receive the prize.
  4. Please, add this new template on page : https://ggames.com.br/conquistas/
  5. Please, fix the problem where i try to allow tropheus from member shop.
    It was incredible! I just needed a few adjustments to the CSS to match my theme. Now I can highlight the latest topics, last comments and also the doubts in the support sessions. I only had a little problem when I’m going to add a lot of sessions to filter, but I’m sure they will resolve quickly. If you want to see the result, access my playstation 5 forum.
    Great and useful plugin
  6. Hey @Adriano Faria what is the difference between your plugin and Category Tabs, from @Pete T? I really enjoy you plugin and I'm considering to buy it, but i need to know what the difference between them. Thanks :D
  7. Hello, about this new update, you fix the problem with member upgrade? Another point, about vouncher, it's possible to set a different person to send the mp with the code?
  8. I cant buy This file is not currently available for purchase.
  9. it's moving right, but the member don't keep the new group. i'm using the system to allow 'upgrade' if the member have X topics/reactions. But i don't have this problem if i move the member to another group manually.
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