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  1. I i fix the tropheus order on front end? The page displaying the trophies / medals has no categories. Also does not respect the organization in admincp, it is by ID. Look to 'seja bem vindo soldado' and 'recém chegado!'. Wrong position. The widget worked perfectly on the desktop, but on mobile it broke. Desktop Mobile The rules are generalized, I can't reward categories. For example: If you started 10 topic / commented on category x. If you allow this feature, I can encourage my users to generate good content. In addition to giving the trophies, I will be able to give money through membershop. Duplicate does not work, post settings, reactions, etc. Do not save when we duplicate, just the description, name and icon. Where are the achievements in the user profile? Topic View. Your module is great, but will change some extra functions to be worth it. I already had iwards, but I got its module because I needed another module not available on IPS. You can do your best!
    Good job! I already install this on GGames, thanks a lot.
  2. I install and put a easy Goal, if work i report you. Thanks Edit: Work. Only left to allow the translate.
  3. Any news about Goals? Only left this to turn perfect your tools.
  4. Onde o suporte? Como faço para corrigir a ordem dos troféus como o admincp?
  5. How i edit the Coin value? How is 1 cent = 1 coin.
  6. And about the Goals, any news? I have already reported this to the support, but so far no position. Example: I selected all group Another example; 'Faça 5 upload em 1 dia'... or make 5 upload by day. Simple right? Look : My upload did then more 5 upload by day... and don't receive the prize. If you don't belive, access the category Traduções de Jogos I will update my review when it starts working.
  7. I found a new bug. I can't remove any member from group. #1 /home/ggames/public_html/init.php(816) : eval()'d code(110): IPS\membersshop_hook_MemberHook->removePoints('5', 'Got removed fro...') #2 /home/ggames/public_html/system/Dispatcher/Controller.php(85): IPS\core\modules\front\clubs\membersshop_hook_ClubsHook->removeMember()
    It's working now 🙂 Only left to allow the translate (time translate) and show the goals for each group.
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