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  1. Free

    100% OFF - (itzverified) member verification PT-BR

    This is the Brazilian Portuguese Language DLC for (itzverified) member verification, works on IPS Community Suite 4.3.X. It contains translations for the Admin CP and Front End for the (itzverified) member verification.
    Este arquivo é uma tradução do Português Brasileiro para o Aplicativo do (itzverified) member verification, funciona no  IPS Community Suite 4.3.X. Contém a tradução para o AdminCP e o Front End do (itzverified) member verification.

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  2. Free

    BlackFriday 100% OFF - iAwards PT-BR

    This is the Brazilian Portuguese Language DLC for iAwards, works on IPS Community Suite 4.5.X. It contains translations for the Admin CP and Front End for the iAwards.
    Este arquivo é uma tradução do Português Brasileiro para o Aplicativo do iAwards, funciona no  IPS Community Suite 4.5.X. Contém a tradução para o AdminCP e o Front End do iAwards.


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  3. $10.00

    Easy SEO - Custom Title & Meta Tags

    Improve your SEO Tags. Clubs, Forums, Downloads, etc of your forums, create and edit titles easily, just adding a simple code on the plugin and see your website be better indexed on the search mechanisms.


    To get a better experience go to your main Language, search for the key "search_blurb_tag" change "Showing results for tags %s" for just "%s" like image bellow

    If you want to add more "Affected URLs" add how many you want but always put "/tags/" on the bottom, like the image bellow

    See now how it works, i search on my forum for IPS (https://example.com/tags/ips), and it will show this:

    Special credits for @A Zayed for create this custom plug-in to our forum and allow us to sell it.

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  4. $3.00

    Elegance Bundle - User Rank + User Group (PSD + PNG + FONT)

    40% OFF
    If you want to use a original and unick User Rank (Reputation) or User Group, this bundle it's for you. You can use both or each option where you want. Its possible to edit the color from starts and bar color with psd. I will send too a copy from font used to make the examples, this fonts its free.
    With this bundle you will receive PSD, font and PNG files. Use your imagination to add more colors!


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  5. $3.00

    Flat Ranks Bagde - Responsive Ranks Bagde

    Are you looking for a beautiful and flat Rank Bagdes? This is the best option for you! Don't worry about the size, will look great on topic and profile view! 
    P.S: You NEED to have Adobe Illustrator Creative Cloud Installed in your device!
    It will be perfect in the theme 🔮 Borx Gaming Theme

    6 purchases   17 downloads

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  6. Free

    Reputation Rank - League of Legends Ranks 2019

    Hello! If you have no idea how to set your reputation rank, i have a good suggestion. Use LoL ranks on your forum! To turn more easy the setup, i will share my rules and how i setup this.
    Yours members needs 1000 reputation to early all reputation. This images you can take free inside this page, but we turn this job more easily for you. I hope like.
    Example: GGames.com.br

    Iron IV 10 Iron III 20 Iron II 30 Iron I 40 Bronze IV 50 Bronze III 60 Bronze III 80 Bronze I 90 Silver IV 110 Silver III 120 Silver II 130 Silver I 140 Gold IV 160 Gold III 170 Gold II 180 Gold I 190 Platina IV 210 Platinum III 220 Platinum II 230 Platinum I 240 Diamond IV
    260 Diamond III 270 Diamond II 280 Diamond I 290 Master IV 325 Master III 350 Master II 375 Master I 400 Grandmaster IV 450 Grandmaster III 500 Grandmaster II 550 Grandmaster I 600 Challenger IV 700 Challenger III 800 Challenger II 900 Challenger I 1000


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