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  1. ah, rofl thought I was going mad for a bit :lol: Thanks m8, nice lite points system :D
  2. When I click on the apps tab I just get redirected to the main admin page and not into the settings ? any idea's please
  3. Copied so I can remember it just incase lol, memory like a leaky bucket these days ;) Thanks for the help Tom and taking the time to nip over to my place John :)
  4. Thanks naj :) Tom very kindly popped over and sorted it out, Think I need new glasses :lol:
  5. Thanks Tom PM sent with details
  6. Just installed this skin again as I keep being drawn to its clean look :) However some area's don't seem to be playing ball with me (see screenie's): Arcade: Donate: Tutorials: Index page: In fact every header except the forum category headers are missing :( Any idea's Tom as I really want to use this skin. Thanks, John
  7. :lol: was just about to post that for you but I see you found it yourself :)
  8. Wow thats a strange one and i'm a bit stumped as to what to suggest at the moment as it seems your the only one it is happening with, think i'll have to ask a few fellow contributors if they have any idea's...........I know for certain it is not the hooks coding as it was checked over by another (far more experienced) coder before it was released. I cannot see anything on your forum that might even "interfere" in any way, please leave it with me to investigate and I will let you know asap if I can figure anything out :)
  9. Very nice skin :D On a purely personal note tho I think the admin bar is better up at the top, might just be me tho ;)
  10. Strange :blink: I will attempt to reproduce this happening on my test board but I know it does not happen on my own forum as I just checked (3.1.4) and I popped around a few other 3.1.4 forums that I know use it and they were fine too. Fingers crossed I can get it to happen.
  11. Thank you but I was just letting you know,I rezised it myself but some people may not be able to do so :)
  12. :lol: sorry my old eyes ;) didn't spot it hidden down there PS the background image is way too small btw,. you might want to add something bigger to the package :)
  13. Nice skin ajouz but am I going blind,. no moderator bar at top ? so where are the ACP, reports links ?
  14. File Name: Copper 3.,1.4 File Submitter: Planetby File Submitted: 17 Apr 2011 File Category: Color-Theme Skins A Copper toned skin made with easy on the eyes in mind, got fed up trying to read area's on some skins :lol: Members on my own site luv it so thought i'd share it out :) Click here to download this file
  15. I would imagine there will be a lot of code changes going by the blog posts :unsure: Personally I think I will say pass to 3.2 as i'm already sick of upgrading everything just when I have my site 100% how I want it.
  16. Nice work Bry :) thx for sharing
  17. Just bought this and I use fusion menu, menu looks like this : Stays the same tho with fusion disabled :unsure: Any idea's ?
  18. Are the forum permissions screwed up or is it just me ?

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    2. Planetby


      market working again now skinning and design seems to be locked to me lol

    3. TheRevTastic


      Maybe the posts you are trying to look at are in forums you don't have access to like IP.Blog Themes, etc.

    4. AndyF


      If its still doing it, best to put a ticket in to accounts assistance.

  19. Please help Red Nose Day >> http://my.rednoseday.com/lowcarbonraploch

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    2. Collin S.

      Collin S.

      You post one, I'll donate. And I'm sure I can round up some others too. Who's with me? :D

    3. Planetby


      posted Colin so cough up lmao ;)

    4. Collin S.

      Collin S.

      Donated, as promised. Anyone else up for it?

  20. damn timezones lol waiting on licence invoice to pounce and get it paid

  21. File Name: GoldenBlack File Submitter: Planetby File Submitted: 01 Mar 2011 File Category: Dark Skins A shmexy Gold and Black skin ideal for graphics forums etc, enjoy :) Click here to download this file
  22. GoldenBlack V2 skin posted in marketplace

  23. Changed to FREE listing, can't be bothered charging folk :lol:
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