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  1. Nice job :) add in group formatting just to finish it off and would be perfect
  2. Life seems to have flown past, 34th wedding anniversary today :O

    1. DawPi


      I'm happy with you! Congratz!!

    2. media


      Congratz... :)

  3. Ditto, once bitten twice shy as the old saying goes...................sadly disappointed in this lot
  4. Must be something your end m8 as it opens up with the last saved colour fine for me
  5. Just nipped back in to say my members luv this skin and also Luminous, both are clean and slick and work very well without being "heavy" great work Tom, well chuffed with both :D
  6. it was me being a plonker as usual sorry to have bothered you Tom but it just shows the quality of yourself that you rushed over to see what was wrong, a lot of skinners could learn a lot about customer relations from your good self. Your defo top of my list for new skin purchases 1000 thx, John PS leave this skin set as ROOT so it doesn't import bits from other skins ;)
  7. Nice one Tom 1st problem is no colours in maintitle tho strangly enough add ons like radio panel and my own top5stats do have colour in maintitles
  8. Damn Sorry Tom m8 you know what a blind git I am thanks :)
  9. ]Hi Tom, loving this skin and can't wait to see your next ones One part i'd like to change if possible is : I realise this is a hover effect somewhere but when its not moused over our lot struggle to read it ( were all old duffers) could you tell me how to remove that effect so it just shows as "normal" Many thanks John
  10. Acting ridiculous after paying money out for a skin they can't get support on to use it ? hmmmmmm I don't think so, would you buy a broken car and not be asking WTF! ? I buy a LOT of skins from various skinners and this was the 1st i'd tried from this lot simply because they had a good rep, sadly for me this will be the only one and that rep has gone out the window. I believe I was one of the first to purchase this skin and as stated previously I gave up and binned it, if it was me i'd be offering people a refund or replacement but as they say lesson learnt the hard way ;)
  11. :lol: sorry no offence but are you wearing beer goggles ? of course everyone has entirely different tastes and for me personally I detest the 3.2 skin "look", who wants to have half there widescreen filled by a blank coloured background because it sure ain't me. I'm glad to see sherri is using what is clearly a mix of the best from both versions which has resulted in a top notch skin, nice work sherri :D
  12. Personally I gave up, binned the skin and wrote my money off..............lifes just too short to be spending 18 days trying to get into a site :lol: I truly believe if someone buys a skin/mod on this site they should expect to get support on here without having to go elsewhere to join another site but maybe thats just me.
  13. Nice one guys, thanks for the upgraded version so quickly :D
  14. Bug fixed, thanks for spotting it :)
  15. It will list the "top 5 statistics" from those 3 headings, EG: the top 5 posters etc like so >
  16. Seems the forum permissions aren't working properly I will look into it and redo them, sorry about this glitch
  17. Seriously considering selling site and retiring

  18. I am not normally a fan of dark skins but this is very nice and will be added to my site when I finally upgrade, thanks :)
  19. I give up after 18 days :laugh: :yawn: :yawn:
  20. I have used this mod for a long time now and it still works perfectly on 3.1.4, personally it was one of my first purchases and wouldn't be without it :) If you need any help with it and tera is perhaps too busy with his permission i'd gladly help you get it working again.
  21. I would Tom but every time I tried to register it throws an error and I gave up, anyway aren't we all supposed to give support here for our product ? especially paid ones ;)
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