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  1. Over the years of having IPB I have not had a lot of contact with the support team, more through luck really than of me having any skills lol

    Well the host my forum was on were gradually getting more expensive and the server seemed to constantly be running worse and worse, I had previously thought about moving over to IPS hosting a couple of times but since I had been with the present host a long time I kept putting it off.

    Well this week I took the plunge and was dealt with by Rhett Buck

    I cannot praise him enough and nothing seemed to be too much trouble for him, though some of my scottish slang terms did not translate well to the states lol

    Truthfuly though it was a shining example how all companies should deal with customers and has left me very excited for our small forum based around scottish fly fishing to be a part of the IPS hosted family.

    Many thanks to all the team,


  2. Why would I give you the login details to my root admin? That's silly.

    IF you used some common sense you would create an admin account for someone who is going to help you out and once they have you can very easily disable or delete it !

    I have done so many times and others have done so for me to access their admin to help them out, there are many people here who can be trusted 1000% and PeteT is most certainly one of them!

  3. Currently having an issue with html being displayed as plain text in chat. If I disable BBCode and type a message it will read correctly however if I have the BBCode Mode enabled it will display non-functional html tags around the message.

    Here's a screenshot of the issue: '>

    Not really sure how to deal with this issue. Will continue troubleshooting for now, at least.

    Edit: Doesn't seem to affect all users, oddly enough.

    Could it possibly be a browser issue rather than your forum ? IF I remember correctly a long time back I had some members with a similar issue and it turned out to be "Chrome" not displaying it properly.............it may not be this but it is worth checking into :)

  4. There used to be an app that did what you want but it was given up by the developer, I did this simply as a work around for my own site but threw it on here because others had been asking for "something" that would show the info.......Anyone can use it as a basis to improve upon if the want :)

  5. would this still work on 3.2?

    Still works on my own board using 3.4.5 so I don't see why it wouldn't

    I'm surprised this isn't more popular. Any know if this is still working for 3.4? Seems unlikely since it's so old but I could get lucky. ;)

    Thank you! :smile:


    Is this just an iframe?

    If you read the post and looked at the pics, it says that it pulls the info in and contains it within an iframe to keep it all nice and neat :)

  6. Dumb Question time lol

    IF say I made my website by "invite only" and a non member wanted an invite is there a way for them to "request" say via a button to perhaps a form to complete ?

    Hope this makes sense, I am trying to find a way to stop a nuisance making 100's of accounts just to be a pain in the butt

  7. still trying to figure out how can i reduce the number of words to be visible on an article on the portal so as a user have to click the article to read more

    can someone help?

    +1 :)

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