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  1. if it is topicViewTemplate you want then: $forum, $topic, $post_data, $displayData Thats it. Sent PM if you want to do this over AIM, Yahoo Messenger, or Windows Live Messenger in real time
  2. I shall do so now... And nope, still don't get the delete tag options.
  3. For me, as a mod/super mod, on pages that don't have any tags and on pages I do have tags: mod = 1 supmod = 1
  4. A very much needed addon. Very cool. I'd be surprised if you didn't get some dime by adding a donate request on the mod page. That said, I'm not getting the delete option. Yes, I'm a super mod but it ain't there. My topics, other people topics, all with tags.
  5. http://www.gamerscoalition.com/Fk/bow-down-together (1).gif
  6. Bypass all pinned topics. BEFORE: AFTER: topics[pinned] = 0 or whatever added to one of the loops in your mod should do it
  7. I asked this in a PM to you late last month and was wondering if you were still considering this: Having the mod skip over pinned topics. Just wondering before I try to hack the code myself...
  8. Ahh, brilliant and easy. Sweet.
  9. I should buy this again just because. Killer mod. That said, so much popularity means 700+ posts in this topic and a quick search in the topic didn't bring up anything and I don't want to manually wade through to see if this has been asked/answered so I'll risk it and ask anyways: Is there a way to float the IPB "pinned" prefix to the front of the line? I think I'd prefer the look of the pinned topics all lining up with the pinned prefix first as opposed to the random length of the custom prefixes first.
  10. The fact that you integrated it on top of the new IPB tag system is fantastic. Now I don't have to worry about two competing systems. Looks great and well done!
  11. We were considering rolling out the Prefixes mod recently but now....hmmm. Do I get the mod and then risk having all the prefix work disappear with 3.2 or chance that IPB will have a way of converting the prefixes to the the new internal IPB 3.2 system?
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