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  1. One more presale, one more presale!!!! lol
  2. Any idea when the next pre-sale will be up LOL
  3. Son of A.......... i blame work for missing this one. stupid 14 hour days.
  4. I missed out, I am subscribed to the news forum but not the blog. Oh well, I'll be buying it next time around.
  5. This arcade works great I installed it a few days ago. You guys have done a really good job with it. THANKS!!!
  6. I am having two issues with this mod. One when I disable the view on board index and subforums feature it still drives my queries from 6 to 90 on a board index load, it also doesn't disable it. i also have the pop up that says "view topic, start" then it goes away after 5 seconds.
  7. It's probably already been answered but what will the first version with an upgrade path be? I noticed on the registration it said there would be none for RC1
  8. wow really coming along nice. If we've got games loaded from the previous arcade can we import them and use them or do we need to reupload them?
  9. Good job, it's really starting to look nice!
  10. Agreed this would be a very nice feature, also the ability to not promote certain groups, people in certain groups buy a package and remain in their current group.
  11. Sorry I should have let you get your copy downloaded first, I was only thinking of myself :(
  12. What you guys don't have it in your client area yet?
  13. It's a really nice skin I like it a lot, as for 3.0.2 I'm holding off on my forum upgrade until it comes out so I'm hoping it takes forever to get released :D :D
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