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  1. waiting for ipb 3.2...

  2. my father bought me an ipod nano 6 red ^^

  3. look at my avatar, this is my childhood ^^

  4. mamagail, i'm really admire you. wish you alwayls healthy and happy!!!!

  5. File Name: Clean Blue Skin File Submitter: Doremon File Submitted: 17 Mar 2011 File Updated: 18 Mar 2011 File Category: Light Skins If you need a simple light skin, Clean Blue Skin can be your choice. * Compatible with all IPS addons * Custom memberbox, member menu, quick loginbox * Intergrate admin bar into memberbox * Replace blank photo with uploaded avatar * Logo's PDS included :wub: Click here to download this file
  6. Find: $post_data[$k][$key]['post'] = preg_replace('#<pre class=\'prettyprint\'>(.*?)</pre>#', '<pre class="prettyprint">'.$this->settings['hcc_text'].'</pre>', $post['post']); Replace with: $post_data[$k][$key]['post'] = preg_replace('#<pre class=\'prettyprint\'>(?:[^\]]+?)</pre>#', '<pre class="prettyprint">'.$this->settings['hcc_text'].'</pre>', $post['post']);
  7. onlyME

    (DP34) Tag [you]

    I also have the same problem :(
  8. File Name: Vietnamese Language [IPB 3.0 -> 3.1.4] File Submitter: onlyME File Submitted: 01 Feb 2011 File Updated: 22 Apr 2012 File Category: Language Packs Vietnamese lang for IPB 3.0 -> 3.1.4 here to download this file
  9. member ranks still error in ipb 3.0.3. It doesn't update :(
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