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  1. 50 minutes ago, Mikuru // X said:

    Hiya OnlyMe, got a question.

    Is there any way to stop a newly added video/livestream from certain categories from popping up in the "What's New" section of the videobox home page or being able to add an additional section below it for just a specific category (in my case, livestreams)? 

    There is an option in Videobox settings to select categories to display.

  2. 3 hours ago, flashpoint said:

    Shame 😞. What about using HTML5's canvas feature? That should be supported on all modern browsers.

    I’m sorry, I don’t have any solution for the idea.

    3 hours ago, flashpoint said:

    Edit: Also another idea, limited amount of views for specific user groups? Didn't seem to see that anywhere in the options unless I am blind

    I will test it again.

  3. 47 minutes ago, flashpoint said:

    Most hosting providers will install it upon request. You could have a off/on option on the admin panel. It'd be very helpful for people to have 🥰

    Sorry, I have no plan for it 🙂 

  4. Just now, Interferon said:

    Add a single-column option so the video feed block looks like the IP.Gallery image feed block.

    I will consider it.

    Just now, Interferon said:

    Automatically generate a thumbnail for an uploaded video file.

    Unfortunately, there is no way to generate thumbnail from uploaded video.

  5. Just now, Cach Doan said:

    @onlyME has the best support of all seller in the IPB Marketplace.

    Anyway, Is there a way to hide our external link in video?

    Like user can right click on page and see the source code and get the URL of our external video.

    I notice that JWPlayer is able to hide this info.

    Unfortunately, I have no way to hide it.

  6. 37 minutes ago, Mikuru // X said:

    I got it, thanks a bunches. Oh and a little side note, might as well remove Mixer from the site list in the app since Microsoft terminated it and transferred everything to helping Facebook Gaming. I miss Mixer. ~_~

    Thank you, I will remove it in the next version.

  7. 16 minutes ago, Mikuru // X said:

    Just bought this app and can't wait to use it.....

    The only problem is that I'm rather confused as to how go about doing anything for the most part. Got any instructions or tutorials on how to do stuff with this app @onlyME?


    I sent the instructions, please check PM. Support via PM.

  8. 8 minutes ago, Interferon said:

    I found a bug in paid videos. After purchasing, I am forwarded to this page:

    A "page not found" error is displayed. I have friendly URLs enabled on my community.

    Thank you for your report. I will test it. If it’s a bug, will be fixed in the next version.

  9. 7 minutes ago, Interferon said:

    Well maybe someday I will actually be able to use it then. Until then, I just wasted $60 on another half-baked add-on.

    I’m sorry, but each app has its own main features that you can read in the description before purchasing  ☹️ It’s so confused for me to implement all customer’s idea to one app.
    If you only want to import youtube, please take a look Youtube Importer app. It can import youtube into Forums, Downloads, Pages and Videobox. I don’t support bulk import from other video services.

  10. Just now, Interferon said:

    And we need a way to bulk import videos. I have thousands of videos I would like to add into the system but there's no way I can click each one.

    As I said, this app doesn’t has bulk import feature.

  11. Just now, Interferon said:

    The featured videos carousel block looks very good, but why did you use randomly changing transition effects? A simple cross-fade would be nice and subtle. The random transition effects make it look like a CSS demo site.

    The carousel uses ips slides and it only has simple cross effect.

    2 minutes ago, Interferon said:

    know. The question is WHY are you adding a bunch of extra steps that is going to result in people not bothering to submit videos? You have to make things as easy as possible for users to engage.

    That is how the app works and each app has different features 🙂 

  12. 2 minutes ago, Interferon said:


    Is there any way to make the submission of YouTube videos easier? There's no way my users are going to bother filling in the title and description for each video they post. It's easy to grab that information from the video URL, so why isn't it done automatically?



    This app doesn’t grab info from youtube, you need to post video manually. Take a look at the Youtube Importer app that allows getting youtube automatically from channel/playlist.

  13. 3 hours ago, kefalo said:

    I have problem to show stream from twitch.


    Maybe you don’t use https.Domains that use Twitch embeds must use SSL certificates.

  14. 3 minutes ago, xtech said:

    am testing it. I would prefer not to disable image cache as i have these pictures in blocks at the home page and it would slow it down. Let's see what happens in the next days.

    Please give me acp access if it still has problem so I can take a look.

  15. On 11/2/2020 at 4:11 PM, xtech said:

    The article photo will also be present at the first topic post, with a link to the article. Topic Thumbnail detects it and shows it for some time. But for some reason, after some time it starts pointing to a non-existent photo, throwing a 404 error as the picture doesn't exist. 

    I can't reproduce the problem. Try to disable Cache Image (in settings) and test it.

    On 11/2/2020 at 4:11 PM, xtech said:

    Yet if i click save i get this empty dialog:

    You need to select an image instead of clicking save button. Anyway, I will update the missing language bit, it should be "Please select one image to set as topic thumbnail".

  16. 1 minute ago, xtech said:

    There is some kind of bug when you have IP pages creating forum topic when new article is posted.

    The article photo will also be present at the first topic post, with a link to the article. Topic Thumbnail detects it and shows it for some time. But for some reason, after some time it starts pointing to a non-existent photo, throwing a 404 error as the picture doesn't exist. 


    If i try to manualy edit the thumbnail at Topic Thumbnail (the dialog where you choose if you want to upload an image or use the topic thumb) it automatically shows the photo of the topic:


    Yet if i click save i get this empty dialog:


    Clicking OK gets back to the dialog and does nothing.

    OK, I will test it.

  17. 1 hour ago, Unlucky said:


    Feature request.

    It would be really good if we could personalize the popup to our members by having the ability to use {member_name}


    I will consider it.

  18. 5 minutes ago, Bluto said:

    @onlyME if I upload my own videos, does videobox have the ability to show a thumbnail preview on mouse rollover?  If not, could the ability be added in the future?  A lot of modern sites have a hover preview over thumbnails, similar to youtube.


    Unfortunately, I have no solution for this idea.

  19. 1 minute ago, Fred Krugger said:

    Hello, in a process of optimizing my IPS configuration, some tools detect some files of your application with warning status, although it is not critical, how can you indicate how to remove it?



    I will consider it. Which tool are you using?

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