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  1. Hi, Is it possible to adjust a font color for posts (in forums or clubs) ? I'd like to make it darker, more contrast. IPB 4.5
  2. Hi, Please add a support of Ctrl + K hotkey to insert/edit a hyperlink. It's a popular hotkey in many text editors, including Wordpress, Gmail, Google Docs, etc.
  3. Hi, I updated my forum to latest v4.1.12.1 once I've received email notification 2-3 days ago. Yesterday my web hoster informed me that my server contains "finishing" pages. I discovered /login folder in the root with many unknown PHP files. So I deleted it. Then my SMTP server Postfix started to send many spam emails (around 100'000 per day!). And I don't know who sends this spam. I tried to compare my forum files with new installation files - no lack. I see differences in some folders /datastore, /cache and some others. So I have no idea where is deleterious script. I always instantly updated Invision forum. All configuration files are protected, I disabled dangerous PHP functions on my VPS. I have renamed /admin folder with password protection. My VPS uses CentOS. So I have no idea how to stop it.
  4. Thanks, I recovered this topic using Archive.org to find posts in the deleted topic. I decided to use old posts of these members to replace them with their old testimonials. The order of testimonials slightly changed, but it's OK. Then I moved all edited posts to one topic. I didn't use any MySQL queries. It was really stupid work, but I had no idea how to do it rightly in IPB 4.
  5. Hi Jim, Thanks for your reply! I have another idea. I can start a new topic and post all messages from deleted topic under my admin's account. Then I can try to change ownership of posts and set new date/time for posts. Is it real? The deleted topic is very important for us, it contains testimonials from real customers (members of the forum).
  6. Hi, A topic was deleted more than a month ago (and we don't know how it happened), so we can't simply restore the forum from the backup. I need your help with recovering of deleted topic from a backup of old MySQL database. I did same task for phpbb forum 5 years ago using SQL queries and I believe that I can do same for IPB4.
  7. Hi, This add-on is really useful to stop some members! I use it now with my forum. Please tell me - does it work for IP.Downloads topics?
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