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  1. 1 minute ago, Martin A. said:

    Oh, so you upgraded the whole software from 3.4.6 yesterday? Or you upgraded/installed Member Map and it took the marker data from a 3.4.6 database/table? That can explain any weirdness.


    IPS upgraded for me, then I am upgrading the apps. 

    Some are fine, others are failing big time and some have the odd issues. 

    Incidentally when I ticked and unticked various people, whilst the number of items being selected didn't alter, the number to confirm that I wanted to delete was much higher.  

  2. 59 minutes ago, Martin A. said:

    Are the markers duplicated in the database too? Click Browse Markers, and have a look. If they're not this is a cache issue. Rebuild both server and browser cache.

    Show twice in browse markers. So I assume I am safe to delete from the Browse Markers section? 

  3. None of this is new. I've been running forums for well over 20 years (before @Matt was born 😉 ) and so I've seen this debated multiple times over the years.

    I am also an admin and moderator on some quite large facebook groups - despite some of them having 25,000 plus members they are slowing down big time.  I now use them purely for business purposes & holiday snaps and nothing more. There is no organisation with social media - Facebook is trying it with tags, but very few people use them. 

    What is harder is for new forums to break ground and be a large success. I've seen forums attempted to draw in people off the back of very large facebook groups and they have failed. Maybe it works better in some fields, but at the end of the day the forum will only work well if it has a good website behind it, not as a stand alone. Of course there will always be exceptions. But content is always king.

    What is needed is good interaction so that it is easy to use all of the social media platforms in conjunction with a forum. Post on a forum and be able to instantly have your posts show up on all the social media for example. 

    Forums will never die - sure brands might come and go, and I've seen a few over the years, but they will be there for as long as the internet is. 

    As long as they can keep up with modern technology, there is a future.

    They will outlast me, that is for sure. 


  4. Regarding old licences..... A couple of questions

    Is it correct that renewals are now compulsory for any purchases (if you want to use V4.x) or if you wish to not renew and therefore not use them you must purchase them again if you change your mind?

    What about old community suite renewals? How do they work?

    What about premium support - if this is not renewed is this lost for ever and has to be repurchased?


  5. Having started to use the calendar for events the lack of being able to repeat events on a particular weekday is rather lacking.

    Many events repeat on say the third wednesday of a month, yet this is not possible. Yes you can repeat on say the 5th of every month but events rarely work like this as the 5th is a different day each month.

    Would be great if someone could even release this as a hook.


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