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Entry Comments posted by .Ian

  1. Is there any way to download this prior to purchasing 4.0? I currently don't have the correct permissions when I attempt to download the script .... Thanks. 


    As long as you own a licence and it is current, then you will be able to download V4 when it comes out.


    You will of course need to purchase a licence for 3.x if you have not already done this, or just purchase V4 when it comes out. However IPS have not confirmed whether or not the price will rise, so maybe best to purchase now, just in case :)

  2. Question: Will there be a migration tool from vB 4.2.* to IPB 4.0 BETA? (This is so I know whether I will need to migrate to IPB 3 then convert it to 4.0 BETA, or not).


    Usually there is not an upgrade path from the beta versions (at least the early ones) to final.


    Would also never recommend using a beta as a live version. 


    Best to wait until the final, which will then be supported.

  3. Is it also worth people checking that their servers/hosting is set to UTF8 - if not then any new databases will be setup as whatever the server is set to.


    I assume that with a new install that would be checked and corrected, but how about third party apps installing tables - will these throw up any issues if the server is not set to UTF8, as I assume they would not be UTF8?

  4. Well, UTF-8 does not work.  We have had it enabled from the start and when I translate the word Turkey using Google translate into Turkish and paste it in the forum name, I get a "?" for 'i' that you see in Türkiye, right after the k.
    The same is true for some other foreign words, especially Hungarian and Russian.  I need to use country names spelled in their local language in the forums and half the time, IPB gets indigestion.

    Try disabling 'Remove chr(0xCA) from input' from the settings.

  5. Just an issue with phrasing here


    ... meaning.. it's not free.  Say it is included in all paid/active product licences, but it is not "free". 


    It is a free extra, which was not previously included. When developed it was given free to active licence holders.

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