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  1. Looking forward to promoting http://searchbuzz.co at the Dublin Web Summit :) #searchbuzz

  2. WordPress IPSConnect

    Nice one, thanks marcher. I will check this out when I arrive back home. Sadly unable to jump on my FTP from the office.
  3. WordPress IPSConnect

    Any update on this issue?
  4. WordPress IPSConnect

    Also, I have done all of the settings, and I posted one article which created a topic in the forums, however now all my new ones are not being added. I also attempted to add a number of older articles by selecting the forum category they should go into from within the edit post pages in Wordpress. However, only one of those posted as a thread in the forums. Not sure where I am going wrong and my server manager has confirmed I have set everything up correctly. Any ideas where I am going wrong? Thanks Ash
  5. Pulse by IPS Themes

    Hey. I used simple HTML wraps around each title for each category and it came out looking pretty cool: http://searchbuzz.co/forums Can I confirm those HTML tags I have used will not cause any issues with any other sections of the template?
  6. WordPress IPSConnect

    This is a great plugin and I am enjoying messing with the settings to get everything right. The ONLY thing I would ask for from this is two things: The ability to sync up Wordpress Categories to Forum Categories, ie, Entertainment > Entertainment so that posts can go straight in without setting the category twice within wp-admin The ability to bring the featured image in from the Wordpress post to appear within the topic that has been posted, as an image says a 1000 words and should be included. Everything else apart from that is great!
  7. Pulse by IPS Themes

    Hi, thanks for the theme. It works great and we have decided to use it on our forums over at SearchBuzz.co - We are very into our colour coding for our categories, and I would kindly request some details on how I can change the colours for the header area of each category on the main board index page. I understand I can change some CSS settings and PSD images in order to change the colours of the overall theme and the header area, however with each category I am a little stumped on what needs to be done. Thanks a lot, Ash
  8. http://suckmytrend.com - my brand new shiny website :)
  9. Please check out my new Gaming Community! 6500 Members and Growing! http://www.v2gaming.com

  10. [HQ] Mass PM

    I am having the redirect issue too However, there is a Cross over "sent". A few people have said it sent regardless, but it seems it hasn't. I will perhaps try in FireFox? As I am using Google Chrome.
  11. is happy that his forums are all fixed and working. :D

  12. Wow, I found a forum where Michael has less than 20,000 posts. ;)