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  1. Are web forums in general on the way out?

    Forums, in my humble opinion, will always be there in some way or another. Whether it be by the almighty "comment section" or by Facebook "groups"...nothing ever dies, just evolves.
  2. Are Chatrooms Dead?

    Is it just me or are most chat rooms and IRC rooms dead for the most part? Will Facebook and Skype be the murderers of such?
  3. Pure Greed?

    Is it just me or is this pure greed?: Oh you want to change the url of your license now? Oh instead of that being free, we thought we make another buck off of you by charging you $15.
  4. Why are some people against gmail?

    I am only against GMail due to a few things: I always had the issue where mailing was delayed by a day. Also, Google provides horrid support. Otherwise, Google has some of the best products, minus Google Chrome, but don't all Web Browsers suck now-and-days anyway? That being said, I would have to say that Google is for Internet Services as what Verizon is for Internet Providers. (Great Features just as long as you have no problems.)
  5. I would comment on the "lovely" skins that have been submitted, but I guess those in glass houses...

  6. ahhhhhhhhhhhhh computer issues again

    I know my site is jacked up in IE. But I am in Pre-Alpha, so all my prospects don't use that crap. :)
  7. Download: 3.2 Skin with Tabbed Categories

    $10 for a basic skin seems a bit much... Perhaps if it were a hook or a modification, but a default skin just doesn't seem to do it for me. Sorry, but that is my opinion as well as others it appears.
  8. interactive multisystem subsystem ?

    I am no coder, but I would say that is near impossible to do without having two copies of forums running at once or at best two accounts being created at once...either way it might be a mess... Perhaps there is a module that can be made, if you contact IPS for freelancers or you ask a modding website for IPB, however, and again I am not a coder, the only solution I see to this would be to have another website (perhaps a blog website) that runs independently of the two, and have it feed off of the account systems from the other two. Hope this helps slightly.
  9. Download: Professional Evolution

    Demo Good job by the way. Image:
  10. Demo Issues

    Do you mean the "Like This" that appears in the topic view? If so, that comes in the newest version, which is only available if you pay, since it is still unstable and not recommended for active boards. That "Like Us" hook is for the Forum Index (The first page you see, unless you changed it, which I doubt.), and hosts your community page that you put up. Finally, as for the other questions, you should probably email support, with your request of the extension of the demo as mentioned above.
  11. Wanted: Blog as Homepage, Integrated with Forum

    You should learn the following: HTML/XHTML CSS Then it will start to become possible...currently, a NON-coder cannot do anything besides install and moderate forums.
  12. Our final pre-sale questions (please and thank you)

    Moneybrookers is even less secured...
  13. Lawsuits

    Everything is up to a judge and how HE perceives it to be. A contract could be thrown out by the judge if he thinks that it was not mutual enough.
  14. Lawsuits

    Theoretically, salavador21 is correct. If the forum is moderated, and the moderators had ample time (ESPECIALLY with a warning), then they can become liable. Again, I doubt there are many suits for anything like forums, and if they are, intellectual and technical property generally is dismissed.
  15. Wait for IPB 3.2 or start with 3.1?

    Yes, probably by September or October is when it will be in full production and will become mainstream and ideal to use.