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  1. Don't care for the new look

    It's a bit hard to find: Home > Marketplace
  2. Who Was Online

    Some of the visits only periodically.
  3. Who Was Online

    Yes. Is it possible to choose 240 hours (10 days)?
  4. Who Was Online

    How many hours are the limits?
  5. I can't do anything.

    Ask the owner of the software to include your name at "Alternative Account Contacts"
  6. Tapatalk and Invision Community 4.2

    Better today than tomorrow.
  7. Invision Community 4.2

    Manage this purchase.
  8. I really would not mind if the conversion took longer.
  9. The converter is not importing the IPs. All posts are having
  10. Likes need two clicks now?

    The problem is that they don't appear always. Randomly it's possible to have luck with them.
  11. Backup Feature in IPS 4.1.x

    As soon as there is a function which interrupts the process and starts it again from that point it shouldn't be a problem.
  12. Mark as read?

    Seems that is an addon for another forum software.
  13. Registered user cannot login

    I believe you shouldn't set it to administrator validation.
  14. License expired - or what

    I have an expired licence for forum-blog-gallery and could download only 3.x It expired only about half year ago. Is it an old "Legacy License" types?
  15. I'm no longer a client?

    No, they are not. Sooner or later they will deliver a usable script.