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  1. Subscriptions Manager

    Why work the subscriptions dont by me? I become ever the error message from PayPal: The link you have used to enter the PayPal system is invalid. Please review the link and try again.
  2. Subscriptions Manager

    Ok, i have config the IPN and he is activ! But if i want make the pay with paypal, i become the error from paypal:
  3. Subscriptions Manager

    i have a importen and stupid question, but where i found the paypal product id code? If i create a product i get only the email code or website code...
  4. [HQ] Watermark for Forum Attachments

    i have contact my serverman and give you asap the info what he say.... thanks
  5. [HQ] Watermark for Forum Attachments

    i have dont edit the readMe file... i have installed the app and good is... i have make the settings and would try upload files...
  6. [HQ] Watermark for Forum Attachments

    I have install the app and now if i want upload a pictures i become by the upload a error:
  7. Subscriptions Manager

    Info Display Hello, i have create a Block and will Display a few Subscriptions-Information from the User.... sub_title = User can see with Package he have. Expires Date = User can see, with Day here PAckage is ending. i have try this code, but he dont work: {$this->memberData['sub_title']} Hope you can help to display this informations
  8. Media System

    Its work very fine with the code. creat! i have a another question about a block in the Media System! I have creat a block and will displayed in this block the Member_Ranking_Image I have use this code, but he dont work in the block of the Media System Site: <if test="rankimage:|:$author['member_rank_img']"> <li class='group_icon'> <if test="rankimageimage:|:$author['member_rank_img_i'] == 'img'"> <img src='{$author['member_rank_img']}' alt='' /> <else /> {$author['member_rank_img']} </if> </li> </if> i think the autor in the code is wrong
  9. Media System

    Hello Marcher, i have now the next question :rolleyes: Video show in the Media System can only use a special Media Group (VIP-Member). Current, if a Guest will show a Video, there comes on the Error-Page with follow message: Two options for change: 1. If a guest wants to see a video, he is instantly redirected to the login page. or 2. I change this particular error page and add all the information there. What do you say?
  10. Subscriptions Manager

    ok i have found my problem. the individual Payment Gateways was used USD. I have change it in EUR and see that, now its displayed EURO
  11. Subscriptions Manager

    Hello People, i want use this system and need only EUR. i want make Add New Package but in the dropdown from Subscription Costs i see only USD. In the Currencies i have make by EUR as Default. Hope you can help me
  12. Media System

    i learn more and more the media system :-) with this code its work now: {$r['rating_hits']} THANKS If i have a another question i will come back :ike:
  13. Media System

    i am not sure, but i have insert the code in the tamplete: $data['record'] and i become the error-message: if i insert this code, there will dont displayed: {$data['record']['rating_hits']}
  14. Media System

    css_media_recent_media What is the code for the rate-hits in the template section?
  15. Media System

    oh, i think you have dont understand what i mean. I need the average valuation of a video. Should be the calculation process and the only result is to be displayed. rating_value = 5 / rating_hits = 2 Result = 2,5 ...and Result sould be displayed.