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  1. Download: jQuery Featured Content 1.0.2

    couple of things... first off, if there is no default image for the article, then the post heading is shown.. should be a way of ignoring articles that dont have an image, or maybe use a default image. second is my copy seems to show 10 icons in the right panel...and the image in the main left window is static in that the images don't move... are there URI's that are linked from the images to the Articles? :whistle: keep up the good work.. :thumbsup: edited by me: it showing more than 4 images is causing the table to overflow down...keepa working...
  2. Release Date 2010-06-29 Popularity 401 views Comments 0 comments Criticality level Less criticalImpact DoS Where From local network Authentication level Available in Customer Area Report reliability Solution Status Vendor Patch Systems affected Approve distribution Software: MySQL 5.x Secunia CVSS Score Description A security issue has been reported in MySQL, which can be exploited by malicious users to cause a DoS (Denial of Service). The security issue is caused due to an error when processing the "ALTER DATABASE" statement and can be exploited to corrupt the MySQL data directory using the "#mysql50#" prefix followed by e.g. a "." or "..". Successful exploitation requires "ALTER" privileges on a database. The security issue is reported in version prior to 5.1.48. Solution Update to version 5.1.48. Provided and/or discovered by Reported by Shane Bester in a MySQL bug report. Original Advisory http://dev.mysql.com...ews-5-1-48.html http://bugs.mysql.com/bug.php?id=53804
  3. IP.Board Calendar Application Script Insertion Vulnerability

    it says 3.0.5 and prior, so 3.1 appears to be safe...
  4. Secunia Advisory SA40132 IP.Board Calendar Application Script Insertion Vulnerability Secunia Advisory SA40132 Get alerted and manage the vulnerability life cycle Free Trial Release Date 2010-06-16 Popularity 389 views Comments 0 comments Criticality level Less criticalImpact Cross Site Scripting Where From remote Authentication level Available in Customer Area Report reliability Available in Customer Area Solution Status Unpatched Systems affected Available in Customer Area Approve distribution Available in Customer Area Software: IP.Board (Invision Power Board) 3.x Secunia CVSS Score Available in Customer Area CVE Reference(s) No CVE references.
  5. [HQ] Custom Pages

    glad that you were patient :thumbsup:, have fun with the mod,,, working like a champ so far for me... :whistle:
  6. [HQ] Custom Pages

    to remove the button, got to your acp, choose manage applications and modules from the left menu, then on the custom pages line and on the right hand side, choose edit application details, there you will find "Hide Tab", set that as "Yes" and update your settings...:thumbsup: on your second issue, do you have FURL or friendly URL's turned on? :whistle:
  7. is wolfie available for downloading, :-)

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    2. xLemur


      If he is, I wouldn't install it annywhere...my forums would be trolled on in a flat second :P

    3. Tarun


      Think of the user activity. Hmm...

    4. DarkGizmo


      Probably a bad idea, it's still in pre-alpha =P

  8. Member Map

    found it on line 171, works now... thanks stoo :whistle:
  9. Member Map

    using 3.1 + on my beta site, all apps and mods are current... will attach a snapshot of what it looks like without the palette
  10. Member Map

    hey stoo, on the Add New Custom Marker Group, can you put in a color palette selection box for Marker Colour??? :whistle:
  11. [HQ] Custom Pages

    second dawpi, please include me on this... been waiting awhile, glad to see that it is here!!!! :thumbsup:
  12. Member Map

    goto your ACP, you will be in the system tab, choose system settings under Tools & Settings, choose the ip.member.map tab and you will have two places to configure.... :rolleyes:
  13. [HQ] Custom Pages

    is this a bug then? have you reported it in tracker?? :whistle:
  14. put my ticket in as well.. interestingly enuf was that i didn't have this app "installed", had put it in the disabled hooks section before re-deploying the mod... so even though it's not installed, it seems like i will have to upgrade as well... :whistle: ping Mat :ph34r:
  15. [HQ] Custom Pages

    post the hack, please.... :whistle: i have had mixed results with the rendering of this mod... sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't...