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  1. Daewo 4.1

    Hello, I'm having trouble changing the Background image. The backgound is being uploaded to "\forum\uploads\monthly_2016_04" folder but the forum is searching the image in the folder "\forum\uploads\css_built_3\monthly_2016_04". May you help me? @Update: I just figured out a "trick" to fix this problem. After upload is done, activate and deactivate designer's Mode fix tha image path. But once i make any chance in the theme, the path get wrong again. Thanks
  2. Deviant

    I found a bug while trying to rename a topic... Line: 930 URI: http://www.zeropt.com.br/forumnovo/public/min/index.php?ipbv=7aecb138bc5cedcafe9c58536ebb01a8&charset=ISO-8859-1&f=public/js/ipb.js,cache/lang_cache/2/ipb.lang.js,public/js/ips.hovercard.js,public/js/ips.quickpm.js,public/js/ips.forums.js,public/js/ips.like.js It´s just me?
  3. Featured Content for IPS 3.4.x

    System Error [#404] incorrect_furl I already uploaded all app again...any sugestion?