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  1. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk nice! :thumbsup: Very good, excellent suggestion
  2. Download: [MD31] Group format 1.0.6

    Dropped the hook? You never posted here on the topic about the new versions ...!
  3. Good Guys, I'm doing maintenance on a forum that the client reported that he is in trouble in the MP's. He told me the following, as it sends a message to the user who receives the message X is the user that X + Y being deactivated conferences mp and still going wrong. Do you follow? He sends MP for one person, that person receives but another person also receives, without her name be addressed! Happens or has happened that mistake with someone? I already redid the upload folders: admin\applications\members\modules_public\messaging admin/applications/members/sources/classes/messaging. And nothing. Thanks!