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  1. Security Patch?

    It's a pity you can't get an answer from IPS without suffering trial by fan-boi.
  2. Security Patch?

    I don't want an update, I want the SECURITY PATCH.
  3. Security Patch?

    I should have mentioned that it's on a "support expired" site.
  4. Security Patch?

    Where's the security patch for the latest profile photos issue? Also, how do I disable the big red banner at the top of my site?
  5. Not good enough.

    The general support guys are great, it was just one of those Management types letting the side down!
  6. General Statistics

    Great little mod, thanks!
  7. I had this issue today. A member posted a topic then later added another post with info he'd forgotten. I couldn't merge the two posts because I couldn't select the first? Why remove the checkbox??? Or is there another way?
  8. Not good enough.

    Lindy sorted this for me today.
  9. Not good enough.

    I had this week off on holiday, I thought it'd be a great time to get a grip and update my three licences to v4. Hmm, It took over a day to generate an invoice because of my jumbled mix of legacy licences, ok fair enough. So when I got the invoice I paid it straight away. Now, it's taken two days and counting and I've still not got my packages reactivated. Maybe tomorrow, maybe never, who knows? I've had no contact on the ticket, so I haven't a clue? I sent a staff member a PM on here, he's looking for my ticket apparently. I've wasted most of my holiday hanging around waiting on you and I've got nothing done. You're really not "helping my business thrive".
  10. Edit their post and in the reason for editing box put the reason for the warning.
  11. SummerStyle 3.4.x

    But YOU don't know for sure, that's why I'm asking the author.
  12. SummerStyle 3.4.x

    Hi Lesovsky, will this work with 3.4.9?
  13. First week with IPS4..

    I don't like 4x either, I think it looks dated and messy, aside from the performance issues. I do like some of the new features but feel they should have been used to perfect the 3x series, rather than a new version. I won't be upgrading any time soon.
  14. Client Lounge

    Missing for me too!
  15. Member Map

    Ignore this, it was only a caching issue.