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  1. iRadio Hook

    you will need a shoutcast hosting for that 1 the dj pass is pass that u need to broadcast but its beter to use admin pass insteed of the dj pass for shoutcast hostings search on google but a vps would be cheaper then a shoutcast hosting free onces are in this topic already
  2. iRadio Hook

    download upload install change settings in iradio settings in the system settings and thats it you will need your own shoutcasthosting to get it to work by djpass in the system settings of iradio use the admin pass insteed the use of this hook is only for owned boards not hosting boards
  3. iRadio Hook

    in some cases the connection 2 shoutcast is using the Admin pass insteed of the DJ pass so if you dont get any connections use the adminpass insteed of the dj pass also andy for just streaming u dont need to add port to the firewall list from the host well in most cases you need 2 almost in the new year new things ahead also for iradio Maybe a new option for iradio Iradio Icecast but first things first
  4. iRadio Hook

    well it most work even with in the links from the iradio hook Cuz basicly it loads the basic pls from the server thats all i tested with few a couple of free hosts and they all work fine with player links maybe for beta 2 we gone add a custom link to the pls but im not sure yet atm it just load the stats but no refresh the stats so there is a small bug and need to be re-edit i was thinkin about to add and curl option in it insteed just running it over the fsocked the global bar is nice idea but still no refresh part so there need to be alot stuff to be done
  5. to much seeking out away 2 updating vars with a reload feature

  6. iRadio Hook

    finally your released iradio nice For those that are looking for a shoutcast hosting provider here are some free ones that whole work with it freestreamhosting.org[/CODE][/color] [color=#009933] [CODE]fastcast4u.com
  7. iStream

    nah it is still there but flash use alot of bandwidth anyhow the embed types of real isnt used much as wmp is or quicktime flash based is there for to take over all those embeds type's but flash based is a bandwidth eater
  8. iStream

    wmp support cool still it is kinda easy to embed wmp in to it but in the last 10 years its being crapy with WMP still its is nice touch, it would be also cool if more then only wmp support will be intergrated like realplayer or quicktime or in that kind
  9. iStream

    timeline control so far i can see it looks nices but you know andy i did give you the basic idea how to intergrated JWplayer in Istream JW Player intergrated still it is sad that ustream is out of istream but you know i made a posseble solution for ustream i posted it on your site's forum Ustream Api it is the last part of the post
  10. iStream

    you add custom player well like the sound of that the use of a custom player like jwplayer is easy to embed in to it or livestream chat api is also working now or in that kind still i have the completed livestream api with chat and video listing on my site working running with istream :P
  11. iStream

    you finaly fixed the ustream api? :P that would be time
  12. Download: iStream 1.0.1

    and go to app page thats probely yourdomain/youripbroot/index.php?app=iStream and thats it your done
  13. Download: iStream 1.0.1

    i gues your new to IPB well just enter your stream settings username etc.. in the config section of the app thats all no need for editing files ip.board app system enter those skins edits by them self i hope this help abit
  14. Download: iStream 1.0.1

    this has nothing do to with the app just contact a admin from IPB to clear this issue or check your support payment of the IP.Board in your client Manager.. hope this helps abit
  15. Download: iStream 1.0.1

    i will look in to that for you andy maybe i can find some anwsers when i found some ill add those to the topic at your site still ustream function will be added in 1.0.1 i believe because the the whole code of the ustream function is at your site even you add a paid subscription to it i look forward to that and help in any way i can maybe i have the vod info at the end of today i dont know high regards JamNet